Critical Writing

2 pages of content 3rd one should be references. Please use the outline attached as a guide on what to write will be shown .
Paper topic: Students will write an individual paper discussing one challenging issue they are currently facing in their life. In this discussion, students will connect this challenging issue to the Eriksonian psychosocial stage and concepts that correspond to their chronological age.



Length of paper: 2 pages maximum (non-negotiable, referencelist page is extra, no cover page required).

Paper topic: Students will write an individual paper discussing one challenging issue they are currently facing in their life. In this discussion, students will connect this challenging issue to the Eriksonian psychosocial stage and concepts that correspond to their chronological age.

Paper submission policy: Submit a PDF file of the paper via Moodle by the due date. Papers are not accepted via email.A letter grade will be subtracted for each day of lateness without valid reason. If there is a valid reason (e.g. illness) for late submission, written documentation is required. Late papers will be returned when it is convenient for the grader. Non-submission will result in a grade of zero (0) for the paper.

How the Paper will be Evaluated

Here are the criteria that will be used to evaluate the paper.

Structure your paper using the following paragraph sequence:

Paragraph 1: State your chronological age. Clearly & coherently discuss one challenging life issue you are currently facing in your own life7 points).

Paragraph 2: Identify the psychosocial stage from Erikson’s theory that corresponds to your chronological age, and clearly define the 3 theoretical concepts in this psychosocial stage(7 points).

Paragraph 3: Discuss insightfully how Erikson’s theoretical concepts for this psychosocial stage apply to the challenging issue you are currently facing(8 points).

Paragraph 4: Discuss the implications of this insight for managing or resolving this challenging life issue(2.5 points).

In addition, observe all of the following:


References in the text of the paper: Use at least 3 relevant references from refereed academic journals or books (our textbook does not count). Use these journals or books as sources to: define the 3 concepts in the Eriksonian stage that you identified in Paragraph 2; bring in any other relevant ideas to your discussion in Paragraphs 3 and 4. Do not quote from the references. Instead, paraphrase(4 points).

Reference list: The references in the text of the paper must also appear in the reference list(2 points).

Length of paper and specifications: The text of the paper is a maximum of 2 pages in length (non-negotiable, the reference list page is extra, cover page not required), double spaced, 12 font Times New Roman, 1-inch margins around text, and 23 lines per page(2.5 points).

APA format 7th edition: Paper text, in-text references, and reference list must use APA format 7th edition. Also, do not use quotations in paper text. Instead, paraphrase by using your own words(2 points).

Language use: Edit the whole paper several times before submission for clarity of language, good organization of ideasand correct grammar, syntax and spelling. Be clear, brief and to the point(5 points).

Planning, Researching and Writing the Paper to Completion

If I may be permitted using a metaphor, writing this paper is like preparing a coffee that takes a few weeks to fully percolate and serve.

Paragraph 1

In the first paragraph of the paper, state your chronological age, and clearly summarize ONE challenge you currently face in your life. Give enough detail so that the reader can understand what the challenge is. However, you be the judge of what you feel comfortable sharing. How much detail is enough? How much detail is too much?

After writing the first paragraph, set it aside for a couple of days. Like a coffeemaker, things will start percolating in your mind.

Paragraph 2

In the second paragraph,identify ONE of Erikson’s stages that best fits your challenging life issue and your chronological age. Define the three concepts in the identified Eriksonian stage.

For example, if the stage you have identified as a best fit for your life issue and chronological age is Intimacy vs. Isolation, then the three concepts you need to define in the second paragraph are: Intimacy, Isolation, and Love (Love is the psychological strength gained from resolving this Eriksonian stage).

You need references to define the three concepts in the identified Eriksonian stage (the textbook does not count as a reference). Go to the Concordia Library Homepage and conduct online searches to locate and fully read at least 3 relevant articles from academic journals and books. You must support the Eriksonian concept definitions in the second paragraph with the references.Do not use quotations from the references. Paraphrase instead. Make sure your paraphrasing reflects accurately the source. Paraphrasing well another author’s words in our own words is helpful in fully understanding what that author aims to communicate.

Usually, one of the following Eriksonianpsychosocial stages would fit the challenge you are currently facing:

  • Stage: Identity vs. Role confusion (psychological strength: Fidelity) [three concepts in italics]
  • Stage: Intimacy vs. Isolation (psychological strength: Love)[three concepts in italics]
  • Stage: Generativity vs Stagnation(psychological strength: Care)[three concepts in italics].

Remember: in the second paragraph you only define the three Eriksonian concepts.

Once you have written the second paragraph set aside for a day or two. The percolation continues.

Paragraph 3

In the third paragraphuse the three Eriksonianconcepts, which you defined in the second paragraph, to discuss and analyze your challenging life issue. When discussing the challenge,explicitly and coherently relate it to thesethree concepts. What is the insight you have gained from this analytic discussion? Point out this insight clearly.

Hint: The third paragraph will probably be the longest paragraph in this short paper.

After writing the third paragraph, put it aside for a couple of days.

Paragraph 4

In the fourth paragraph,briefly statein a couple of sentences one or two ideasfor better managing the challenging life issue.

Hint: the fourth paragraph will be the shortest paragraph in your paper.

At this point some of us may think, “the coffee is ready to drink,” but it is not. If you attempt to drink it straight out of the coffee maker, your mouth and tongue will get scalded. The coffee needs to be poured in its cup. In other words, you need to titleand format your paper.

Title and Formatting of Paper
Place your title at the beginning of your paper. The title distills in a short phrase the essence of your paper.

Format your paper in APA format. On the Moodle page for our course, click on the APA Style Citation Guide(the link is located in the box entitled LIBRARY RESOURSES). The link will send you to a summary overview of how to format a paper in APA style 7th edition. This formatting is the cup in which you will pour your coffee.


“Finally,” some of you may say, “I can now drink it.” Hold on to your caffeine, but do not drink yet. This is not regular black coffee. It is missing a couple of ingredients.

Editing Paper for Language and Length

Do not overfill the cup with so much coffee that it spills out. It’s messy. Edit your paper for length (2 pages max, non-negotiable), brevity, clarity, organization, syntax and spelling. Edit as many times as necessary, which can be more times than you initially think. Make every word count. Multiple rounds of editing isyour cream.

Final Check

Do a final check with the criteria of how your paper will be evaluated. That final check is sugar inyour coffee.

Ready and served. Enjoy your coffee (apologies to tea connoisseurs).

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