Critical Thinking Assignment 1 (ICU patient)

Critical Thinking Exercise

The purpose of the critical thinking exercises is to apply knowledge that you have acquired during your nursing education. The critical thinking exercise will provide you with a scenario of a critically ill patient. Certain information will be given and certain information will be omitted. The goal is to determine what is going on with the patient, what further information/assessment data you need, what pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions you may anticipate. You will be prompted to deliver scenario specific information as it pertains to the ICU unit we are covering.

This is meant to be a succinct and concise write up. You are expected to use the templates provided when the assignment is released and present your answers in ‘bullet points’ or short answers in 12 pt. Arial font, you are REQUIRED to cite references to support answers given- Annotated per APA, ie. (source, year).

Once you have answered to questions provided, you will write a (1) page SBAR report as well as (1) nursing diagnosis and (2) interventions.

  • 12 font Arial
  • References (minimum 3 in the last 5 years)


Use the excel file ‘Case 1 chart’ to navigate the patients hospital stay. In this scenario you (the nurse) are receiving handoff at 1000 and assuming care of James P. Albini:


After reviewing the case chart, answers the questions in the case study WITH APA 6 EDITION citation (references will be checked), must be within 5 years. Then complete an SBAR report for nurse hand-off.

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