Critical Thinking

Use any references available to you but do NOT use the exact wording from your sources- use your own words and provide citations if you use other sources. Also, do not confer with your classmates.
Please answer question 1- 11. Please number each question you answer.
1. Explain why it is important to locate ambiguous language when analyzing an argument.
2. Of the critical questions we have studied so far, which should be the focus of your evaluation of an argument and WHY?
3. Explain the difference between weak-sense and strong-sense critical thinking.
4. Identify and discuss 2 challenges to using Critical Thinking in practice.
5. With the growing costs of obtaining a college degree, a debate rages about whether students should attend a university. Is it still worth going to college? Obtaining a college degree still holds several benefits.
First, more and more jobs are requiring a college degree. This fact not only means that lacking a college degree will hinder someone’s occupational options, but also means having a college degree will put a person into a separate and higher category when employees are looking for new hires.
Second, the types of jobs that require a college degree are often ones with above-average wages. not only will these higher wages lead to a higher standard of living than what would be achieved with only a high school diploma, but they will also help mitigate the costs of attending college. It’s obvious that attending college is a great choice for securing one’s future.
-What is the conclusion?
– What are the reasons?
6. The government is spending far too much money on health care. The government could continue to fund health care for those who need it, but should not fund health care for those who do not deserve it. Cutting health care expenditures would lead to lower taxes and give citizens more spending power. With the current state of the American economy, anything that helps the citizen’s pocketbook would help American in the long run?
Identify the ambiguous words or phrases in this passage.
7. Recently, we have lost community members in a large fire. It only seems logical now
mat we start implementing fire safety presentations or courses in our schools. The
last thing we want to happen is for more tragedies to occur, especially in our schools.
The fire safety training will prevent this community from losing any more lives.
Educational programs provide the best way to go if we are to avoid future disasters
of this type.
What are the descriptive assumptions in this passage? Remember that assumptions are unstated and hidden!
8. What are the 5 clues for identifying an author or a speaker’s value assumptions?
9. There has been a dangerous trend of state’ legalizing gay marriage as of late. It’s apparent that the gay agenda has infitrated the legislative bodies of these states and has influenced the legislatures into passing laws that allow gay marriage. The liberal media and its glorification of gay marriage have certainly played a part as well. These laws destroy the traditional morals of this great nation.
Despite the trend, several politicians still agree that gay marriage is an affront to America’s traditions and values. If America allows gay marriage, it’s only a matter of time before this nation allows other nontraditional relationships, such as polygamy or incest. Marriage has always been a sacred institution between a man and a woman and should remain that way. Otherwise, it’s inevitable that the morals of the American people will fall by the wayside.
The opinions here do not reflect those of your instructor.
Identify the Fallacies present in the passage above. Hint: There are 5 of them.
Identify each reason that includes a fallacy and why it is a fallacy
10. Discuss why we go through the effort of applying the critical questions to an author’s or speaker’s argument. Why is critical thinking important?
11. Is vegetarianism really healthier than eating meat? The answer is yes! There have been several studies outlining the various advantages that being vegetarian has over eating meat regularly. Furthermore, just ask vegetarians and they will quickly explain how their diet is superior to that of non-vegetarians. More importantly, many restaurants and businesses are opening that focus on vegetarian options and menu items, so clearly, vegetarianism is healthier than eating meat.
Identify the issues surrounding evidence for this passage.

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