Criminal Justice

You are to develop and submit a Research Proposal to Assignment II. You will us your proposal to develop your final Research Paper (Assignment II). In Module #1, I have uploaded the format for a Research Proposal. How the format to develop your proposal.

As stated your Proposal should be used to develop Assignment #2. Here is a brief look at Assignment II:

Students are required to write and present an (8-10) page research paper related to multicultural issues/concepts among law enforcement personnel and the community. Papers must be completed according to the American Psychological Association Manual. Students will use the required text “Write and Wrong: Writing within criminal justice: Student handbook” as a support tool and guide to complete this assignment. Papers will be graded on content, grammar and organization. Plagiarized papers (Cut and Paste) will receive a grade of “F” and delinquent papers will not be accepted. This assignment will account for 30% of your final grade.

Recommended Text: Publication Manual of APA 7th Ed, ISBN: 9781433832161, Author: American Psychological Association, Publisher: American Psychological AssociationRecommended Text: Write & Wrong: Writing Within C J 2nd Ed (St Wkbk) (w/Access), ISBN: 9781284112993, Author: Ferree, Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning, Formats: PAPERBACK

At this time, “I only need the proposal done”. Not the actual research paper. Please do the amount of pages necessary to complete this prop

1: Issue: Addressing Hate/Bias Crimes: Victims, Laws, Investigations, and Prosecutions and Responses

the main text book that need to be used for this order. Please add this for the research proposal ASAP:

Required Texts: Multicultural Law Enforcement 7th Ed, Shusta, ISBN: 9780134849201, Pearson Format: BryteWave Format

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