Create a detailed concept Map of key ideas/concepts/connections/questions

Exhibit your visual literacy through writing, creating, synthesizing, and analyzing visual art forms
Demonstrate your understanding and knowledge of key ideas (language of art, themes of art, process of art, history of art)
Demonstrate your ability to critically analyze, interpret, and evaluate key concepts, artists, ideas, processes


Student Choice Module Assignments are due at the end of each conceptual Unit. (see syllabus and course announcements for details) You are expected to demonstrate your understanding of the learning objectives

You will choose one of the following assignments:
Create a detailed concept Map of key ideas/concepts/connections/questions
Write a “So What” Essay that expresses what you have learned
Create an Infographic
Make Slide presentation (such as a mock exhibition of a theme, media or process)
Create a video synapsis
Make a series of drawings/sketches/photographs/paintings/collages/assemblages/videos etc with a brief analysis
YOUR idea? I’m open, don’t be shy… let’s communicate!
Remember: This course will adhere to the CSU Academic Integrity Policy as found on the Student’ Responsibilities page of the CSU General Catalog (Links to an external site.) and in the Student Conduct Code (Links to an external site.)

University Standards demand the student:

does honest work every time.
interacts boldly and ethically with the ideas of others.
chooses integrity even under challenging circumstances.

understands that academic integrity isn’t a technical problem, as ethical citation and documentation starts with the desire to do the right thing

encourages others to make the right decisions and models integrity for fellow students.
Please reaffirm the Honor Pledge as worded below and sign on every assignment: I have not given, received, or used any unauthorized assistance.

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