Covid 19 and mental illness


Signature Assignment Purpose Statement The purpose of this assignment is to formulate a full review of the history of a clinical problem, examining literature which supports a need for a clinical change.

By gathering relevant data and information on this problem, justification is established to create a strong foundation of a clinical problem. This assignment often becomes a draft copy of Chapter 1 of the DNP Manuscript.

Step 1: Review your graded background and significance paper submitted previously and make revisions/corrections basted on instructor feedback. You may utilize this corrected paper as the foundation of this Signature Assignment.

Step 2: Expand on data collected and continue adding information to support the clinical problem utilizing the rubric as a guide for additional topics of discussion.

Step 3: Your paper should be structured as follows:

  • Title page (not included in the page count)
  • Abstract (not included in the page count)
  • Introduction to the Clinical Problem
  • Background and Significance/Problem Statement
  • Perspectives, Incidence, and Prevalence (including a graph, figure, or table)
  • Review of Healthcare Costs (of the problem)
  • Evidence of Support for the APRN Role in solving the problem
  • Foundation of the PICOt question
  • Reference Page (not included in the page count)

Format The final deliverable will be a 10-12-page, double spaced paper presented in MS Word document format.

Proper APA (7th edition) standards formatting is required, including in-text citations and references. Submit your paper to TurnItIn for a similarity index 02/15/2021-bw assessment and to LiveText as well for grading. Both functions are available via the Assignments tab in BlackBoard.


Introduction. Background & Significance, and problem statement 10 points (40/300

Exceptionally thorough and insightful introduction and clearly addresses the research foundation that led to the chosen problem Thorough explanation of the problem and its background. Provided several examples of the current state of need for change and gaps in evidence

Perspectives, incidence, and prevalence 10 points (40/300)

Provided a detailed, indepth examination of the historical and societal perspectives related to the chosen problem Thoroughly described the incidence and prevalence of the chosen problem. Provided a graph, figure, or table with statistical data

Review of health care cost of problem(s) 15 points (60/300)

Demonstrated clear understanding of the history of and explanations of health care costs and burdens

Evidence of support for APRN’s role in solutions 15 points (60/300)

Provided strong and compelling evidence supporting the role of the APRN in their chosen topic

Foundation of PICOt 10 points (40/300)

Exceptionally insightful PICOt foundation and relevant question

APA: Mechanics and Style 15 points (60/300)

Exceptional organization and focus throughout paper. Exceptionally clear writing style. Scholarly tone, without being pedantic. Exceptional use of APA format throughout paper. All referenced materials properly cited in text and reference lists. Proper grammar and spelling throughout.

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