Course design of Managing COVID-19 in primary care

Develop a course plan that include –but not limited to-

Topic: Managing COVID-19 in primary care

  1. Rationale (evidence-based)
  • Learners needs • Community needs • Professional needs
  1. Learning outcomes


  1. Act: measure.
  2. Content: length of the newborn baby.
  3. Condition: using an infant measuring board.
  4. Criteria: within a maximum error of 1 cm.
  5. Course blueprint
  6. Resource needed
  7. References
  8. Timetable
  9. Improvement Plan
  10. Change Management Steps


Ten questions to ask when planning a course or curriculum:

  1. What are the needs about the product of the training program?
  2. What are the aims and objectives?
  3. What content should be included?
  4. How should the content be organized?
  5. What educational strategies should be adopted?
  6. What teaching methods should be used?
  7. How should assessment be carried out?
  8. How should details of the curriculum be communicated?
  9. What educational environment or climate should be fostered?
  10. How should the process be managed?



  1. Is there solid justification for regarding knowledge in the natural sciences more highly than kno

Is there solid justification for regarding knowledge in the natural sciences more highly than knowledge in another area of knowledge? Discuss with reference to the natural sciences and one other area of knowledge. ( =How to write one sample essays
1. There should be knowledge questions in each paragraph
2. Both areas of knowledge =natural sciences and the Human sciences should be dissected
3. Lots of evidence
4. A RLS (real life situation)
5. it has to be filled with claims and counterclaims
6. The terms in the title need to be defined
7. There should be a thesis statement.
By the way the subject is= Theory of Knowledge

Please make sure to add= a real life situation, lots of knowledge questions and claims and counterclaims.
Otherwise the essay will be incomplete and sub par.

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