Course Content Uploaded

I have uploaded a sample of the type of essay and guidlines. It has two papers to work off of.
One is a ( media portion)blog the other is an essay that was done in the past.
No abstract needed – thanks.

  1. Your first paragraph should make clear that the ability to apply course content is developed within the Communication Studies, explain what “application” means, and explain that you have engaged in different types of application within the major (e.g., writing an essay in which you analyze communication, creating a performance, developing and delivering a speech, conducting a research study).
  2. Your second paragraph should explain that the ways in which you have applied course content within Communication Studies relate to communication in your personal, professional, and community life.
  3. Your third paragraph should explain why the ability and opportunity to apply course content is important.
  4. The remainder of your essay (3-4 pages) should identify and explain how a specific assignment you completed for the major exemplifies application of course content. You should be specific regarding the focus of the assignment you completed, what course content it applied, and how you applied that content.
  5. Be clear in your essay how the application you are describing relates to personal, professional, and/or community communication contexts.
  6. Provide closure to your essay.


  Helpful Hints

1) Be specific regarding the nature of your application (e.g., paper, speech, performance, creation of a website, etc.) as well as what knowledge it is you were applying. For example, you may have applied course content regarding specific forms of communication that contribute to communication climate in a paper analyzing communication in a relationship. You would explain the course content (i.e., forms of communication impacting climate) and how you applied it. Or, maybe you worked with a team to create a webpage re: a specific health condition. You were applying knowledge regarding the health condition as well as principles of effective mediated communication. Explain those principles and how you applied them.

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