Contemporary Issue Essay

Assignment 2
Assessment Description
Contemporary issue essay
Team or Individual
Length: 1750 words [plus or minus 10%]. Use headings provided below.
MS Word documents only. No PDFs. No Table of contents.
Ensure appropriate use of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander terminology as per SNM guidelines above
Minimum 10 references, 7 years old or less, from a mixture of journal articles, books and credible websites [e.g. Australian Indigenous health info net]. Your unit text is an edited book so reference the separate chapters that you use appropriately.
Do not reference unit lectures or tutorial activities for this assignment. Make sure your sources are credible. Remember to reference the individual chapters of edited books e.g. Biles and Biles
Format as per the SMN Assessment Guidelines and ECU Referencing Guide.
Due Date and time
See summary table
How to Submit

Learning Outcomes
Marking Criteria
The rubrics for assignment 1 and 2 are based on the standard school rubric with a few minor changes. Please make sure you review the rubric whilst preparing your assignments. Rubric adjustments: Content 45 [15 for similarities, 15 for concepts, 15 for strategies] Critical thinking [20 marks] Structure/pres [15] Ref [10] ELP [10]
Feedback will be available via Blackboard > My Grades and Turnitin
If you have any questions relating to this assessment task, please go to the discussion board and post your questions there.
You are working at an Aboriginal medical service in Bunbury. The local primary school teachers have identified 8-year-old Josiah as a child at risk due to low school attendance, difficulty with communication and erratic anti-social behaviour with his peers. Josiah has been seen by a Paediatrician who has suggested that Josiah may be living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Since the diagnosis, Josiah’s mother has been reluctant to engage with teachers at the school but Josiah’s Uncle [a local elder] has been bringing Josiah to school most days. In order to confirm the diagnosis, Josiah has been referred to a range of health professionals for assessments and interventions. Most of these appointments are in Perth. When seeing Josiah’s mother for an unrelated matter at the clinic you ask” how are things going with Josiah?” and she replies, “the Doctors blame me for his problems”.
The following resource will be very useful for your assignment:
Hamilton, S., Doyle, M., & Bower, C. [2021]. Review of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder [FASD] among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin, 2[1].
Retrieved from
Frame your essay around key concepts in this unit [outlined in the study schedule on the last page and in the week 9 tutorial] such as:
Privilege/Equality/Access to health services/intersectionality
Unequal power / Enculturation
Colonisation/ Australian Historical events
Stereotyping /racism
Victim blaming
Communication/health literacy
Cultural safety/ Cultural competence
Social Determinants of Health
Codes and Standards of Nursing and Midwifery practice
TIP: Remember that you need to demonstrate that you understand the concepts above, so start your paragraphs with a topic sentence that introduces the concept, then relate the concept to the case study in a way that shows you understand how the concept can be applied in ‘real life’. Discussion of at least three concepts in depth is expected as a minimum. You should be able to refer to several other concepts as well [the more the better]

Headings underlined must be used [sub-headings may be used of your choice]:

Introduction [150 words]: Brief overview of the topic/case study and structure of the essay
Access to health services.
Include Similarities and differences between Aboriginal medical health services and mainstream services as well as other potential issues that may impact on Josiahs access to health care [400 words]
Concepts that relate to the case study [600 words]
Demonstrate your understanding of the concepts by applying at least 3 to the case study
Strategies to manage health issues in a culturally safe way [500 words]
Demonstrate your understanding of ‘cultural safety’ and focus on practical strategies to make mainstream services more culturally safe.
Conclusion [100 words] summary of key points
Please follow APA
7 years or minimum referencing List.
Please put the page numbers

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