ADV 442

Individual assignment #1

By Friday, February18 at 11:59 PM., via D2L


Your client is the World Wildlife Fund [WWF] []. They are a non-profit organization that focuses on the environment and protecting endangered animals. Here’s how they describe themselves:

The world’s leading conservation organization, WWF works in 100 countries and is supported by more than one million members in the United States and close to five million globally. WWF’s unique way of working combines global reach with a foundation in science, involves action at every level from local to global, and ensures the delivery of innovative solutions that meet the needs of both people and nature.

WWF is worried about their future. They have a great reputation among older generations of Americans, but their membership is lagging among 18-29 years old. They are about to develop a new digital strategy, but they aren’t sure where they stand with audiences for their digital channels. Your assignment is to answer each of the following questions in an effort to use data to help WWF build a high-quality digital strategy for their preferred audience.


This assignment is worth 20 points toward your grade. It is due on Friday, February 18th on D2L by 11:59 p.m. Please type your answers directly into this document. Your grade will depend on the thoroughness and accuracy of your answers, as well as your creativity in finding and analyzing data. Leave time to proofread. This is an individual assignment. You should not work with any of your classmates or share answers.

  1. Identify the two most engaging posts on each platform [i.e., Facebook and Twitter] between Jan 14th and Jan 28th. You should visit WWF’s profile on each platform to verify this information.
  • How do you know they were the most engaging [what metrics did you use?]?
  • Why do you think they were so engaging?
  • Can you identify any similarities across these four posts?
  1. Download [a] “WWF and DoSomething Twitter Data”, [b] “WWF Engagement Demographics, and [c] “DoSomething Engagement Demographics.” How do the organizations differ in terms of:
  • Twitter use
  • Twitter engagement
  • Engagement demographics?

Identify at least one other way in which WWF differs from DoSomething in terms of Twitter engagement and one way in which the two organizations are similar. How well are the two organizations doing with audience among your target segment? Finally, given your target audience, what else would you like to learn about the behavior of WWF’s online audience that is not on this report?

  1. WWF is thinking about partnering with the Michigan Environmental Council [@MichEnvCouncil] for a local campaign focused on Michigan issues. You need to analyze Michigan Environmental Council’s Twitter account to evaluate whether this partnership would be effective. Go to and sign in with your Twitter account [you’ll need a Twitter account—create one if you don’t have one; you won’t be required to tweet.] From the main page, go the section labeled “Analyze a Twitter profile” and enter “@michenvcouncil.” Use the Twitonomy analytics data to answer the following questions:
  2. On average, how often does @michenvcouncil tweet per day? [Note: Twitonomy calculates this for you.]
  3. The number of mentions in an organization’s tweets is a good indicator of how much interaction the organization has with its audiences. On average, how many mentions per tweet does this account have? [Note: Twitonomy calculates this for you.]
  4. What data on this page could help you identify influencers? Who do you think are the five most important Twitter influencers among their Twitter followers? Please justify your choice with data evidence.
  5. You are hoping to launch your Twitter partnership over a weekend. Would this be a good fit with the typical timing of tweets from @michenvcouncil? Justify your answer with data.

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