Communication Across Cultural

1000 words, 5-8 high quality peer-reviewed journal articles

Please see the “case”, the issue needs to discuss in this 1000 words is “communication across cultural”.


The question needs to answer is to:

500 words – identifying the communication across cultural issue in the case, why they’ve failure in this challenge, for example, they didn’t prepare for the language and there will be more reasons under ‘communication across cultural’ issue. However, all the identify issue and  reason  under  issue  should  related  to  ‘managing  across  cultures’,  it’s  about management. 【The relevant paragraph is in the 2nd paragraph of the case, however, you will need to do more research to get more information of backgrounds. Therefore, will need references in this part.】


500 words – 1 or 2 recommendations to the issues/problems/reasons/failures show in first part, how should they improve and avoid this situation happen again.

Please see the ppt to get a thought of “communication across cultural”, which covered in this course. talk about the recommendation, why this solution, how to achieve this solution and how to avoid this failure to happen again. Use some evidence/cases/theories to support. Provide a structured argument leading to recommendations for changes to practice】


  • all the things talking about should under cross cultural management
  • This part needs to cover:
    • evidence of research
    • critical analysis of contentious issues related to the case study
    • application of theory to practice
    • structured argument and support for recommendation
  • Do not need introduction and conclusion, do not need to include introduce the big Right to the point. Just answer, analysis, identify, discuss, give solution and recommendations to the question straight forward.


Here are some recommended readings:

  • Varey, R.J. (2000). A critical review of conceptions of communication evident in contemporary business and management literature. Journal of Communication Management, 4(4), 328-340.

This article supplements the text by critically examining the extant management literature in relation to commonly accepted models of communication. Like our text, this article reflects that communication is widely taken to be the transmission of information and reproduction of intended meanings, particularly in the ‘encoder- message-decoder’ model which is so popular in management theory. The article examines the communication process more deeply, considering social, political and cultural phenomena.

  • Clyne, M. (2006). Some thoughts on pragmatics, sociolinguistic variations, and intercultural Intercultural Pragmatics, 3(1), 95-105.

This article looks at the different styles of speaking between cultures, such at the succinct


  1. Marketing midterm 1

Midterm (30%)

The group assignment must be handed in via Canvas by October 3rd at 23:59 GST (Dubai time). You should submit one paper per group.


Pick a company/product/service of interest to your group. Your assignment is to analyse their current marketing strategy and provide recommendations for their future marketing strategy.


  • Describe the current marketing
  • Identify the drivers of the market, e., what drives customers decisions in this market. For example, key points in the customer decision process, key customer attitudes and perceptions, segmentation patterns, etc.
  • What are the likely changes in the market in the next few years?
  • Offer your evaluation of how the marketing strategy needs to change to adapt to these
  • Offer one idea of how the company/product/service might implement this new marketing strategy in a specific field such as pricing, promotion, distribution, product (the 4Ps). This is not a marketing plan, but only an illustration of what your recommended strategy


Note the following:

  • You are not expected to collect new data for this assignment – rely on secondary data or prior experience within the Where there is uncertainty, state the assumptions behind any estimates or forecasts you make.
  • Think of what customers value and their unmet
  • It’s a short assignment, you likely can identify many challenges, make many recommendations, etc…, but focusing on fewer issues can often give you a better opportunity to provide more depth and stronger
  • Beware of giving general descriptions of the market without any interpretation, analysis, or connection to recommendations – i.e., look out of including extra information that doesn’t support your arguments, analysis, or The heart of the assignment is setting up the issues and resolving them with your strategy recommendations.


The paper can be in any format you wish, and should be a maximum of six pages, including any tables of exhibits.

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