Colombian government

This is a 2 part assignment. First you need to find 3 primary and 5 secondary sources that fit your topic and scope. Ideally all of your sources should directly reflect the scope of your topic, but you can only have 1 primary and 2 secondary sources that are general resources pertaining to your country. Try to get as many that cover the connection to US Diplomacy, which is what the final paper will cover. These must be sources you can use, but you do not have to use all of them in your final paper, and if you find more before you turn in the paper, you can use them as well. An annotation is a short paragraph that summarized the topic and focus of the resource. You should also include a sentence or two about how you will use it your paper.
The second part of the assignment is a short summary of your paper. You can include the overall thesis if you know what that will be, or even an outline. The more you give me here the better off you will be on your final paper.
Remember that research papers at this level are not a retelling of historical events. They MUST be argumentative in scope. You must present an arguable point and then defend it with your sources you have. Think along the lines of a debate. Present your theory, then defend it. If you spend too much time [or the majority of your paper] retelling what happened and not proving your point, your grade will suffer. Ideally in a history paper. no more than two paragraphs [generally located right after the introduction and thesis] should be used for historical context
Below this is what my next essay is going to be about. So please focus this assignment on this.
In your paper you will pick a country and an American President and write a paper about the influence of the United States in that country.

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