Colgate-Palmolive Canada: Fighting for a Share of the Toothpaste Market

Colgate-Palmolive Canada: Fighting for a Share of the Toothpaste Market

Marketing is an essential component of any business. Marketing helps a company to have more penetration of the market, achieve more top of mind awareness and consequently, become more competitive. The following section undertakes an evaluation of the marketing strategy by Colgate-Palmolive. This company is a consumer products enterprise that has branches globally. This evaluation considers the Canadian market.

According to Jerman and Završnik (2013), the response of consumers to various marketing strategies varies depending on the communication factors. In the case of Colgate-Palmolive, the marketing communication has various effects on the consumers. The response of the consumers depends on the source, the message and the channel used. Recommendations by dentists increase brand awareness. The use of price as the primary factor for promoting a brand also increases its awareness for individuals who purchase brands based on their needs only. Presentation of messages also affects consumer behavior. For instance, the use of cartoon in children brands that also promotes customer loyalty. Moreover, use of such as smiles help promote the toothpaste brand for consumers interested in sociable factors. The packaging also influences customer preference for particular brands.

Different communication vehicles are shown to affect consumer behavior in three different ways. These effects include framing of perception, organizing memory and improving the experience. For instance, use of cartoon character predisposes individuals to purchase children brands more. Organizing memory is illustrated in the case of consumers who choose brands based on their needs. Their purchase of a particular brand is explicitly based on the need and hence they often purchase the most cost effective. Improved experience is in the case of consumers who purchase brands based on worries for their health concern.

Objectives of the communication program

Promote brand switching and Improve and increase top of awareness in the market

The measurement of the achievement of these objectives can be achieved through intention to buy (Jerman & Završnik, 2013). It can be done during or shortly after delivery of the marketing strategy.

Encouraging of trade promotion and Achieve more growth and purchase acceleration

The measurement of these objectives is through generation and fulfillment of action calls such as telephoning a number and should be carried out during the marketing process (Dahlén & Lange, 2008).




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