Child Welfare Assignment

Child Welfare Assignment

Social problems are those that affect the well-being of societies. Social problems are often featured in the news and political platforms and vary among societies. Crime, homelessness, violence, climate change and environmental degradation are some of the social problems encountered. This paper gives an overview of some of the most prevalent social problems. The paper then considers child abuse as a global and national social problem. In achieving this, the paper considers two websites; one covering child abuse as a global phenomenon whiles the other considers it at the national level.

Homelessness refers to the mental or physical lack or absence of contentment with place or condition of living. The term is often used to refer to the lack of regular dwelling place. According to Biron (2014), homelessness has progressively increased in the US. The problem is often associated with various other social problems such as crime and poor health. Domestic violence is prevalent in many countries with women being the primary victims. The problem has raised various concerns in the country due to allegations of ineffective measures of response (Wilson, 2011). It involves both physical or psychological abuse of an individual. Crime is another social problem that raises global concerns. Crime has various definitions. However, it can be viewed as any actions that are regarded as unethical in particular societal settings.

Addiction refers to a situation when body functioning, physical and metabolic functions, become dependent on drug use. Drug abuse is a global area of concern due to its association with heath problems. It financially affects the society directly or indirectly. In the US, drug abuse is perceived as a source of most health problems. Drug abuse can also cause death to users. Environmental degradation is another prevalent global problem. It involves any forces that put stress to the environmental such as demand for resources. Environmental degradation also involves the uncontrolled and release of untreated waste into the environment that compromises its well-being.

Child Abuse

Child abuse various in definition depending on settings of its occurrence. It comprises physical maltreatment, emotional discomfort, denial of vital needs or even being subjected to inhumane environmental conditions. It is a vice that occurs both intentionally or unintentionally when an action that rather would result in positive effect causes adverse effect when extremely done.

Global Perspective

Child abuse refers to any action that violates children’s right such as mistreatment. United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) oversees children’s rights. In considering child abuse as a global social problem, an evaluation of abuse of children in Vietnam is considered (Lam, 2010). Child abuse in Vietnam has been shown to be as a result of various factors. One such factor is neglect by guardians. Lam states that there has been death of children due to neglect of guardians such as teachers to carefully watch the activities of children. Moreover, the article reveals neglect in the form of failure to employ adequate and qualified day care workers. Moreover, child abuse in the country has been facilitated by the ‘rod culture’ in the country. The rod culture involves disciplining children through humiliation or striking to impart good discipline.


Approximately one in every ten children is mistreated in the US. The vice has raised alarms due to the possibility of victims to repeat the behavior later in life. Child abuse in the US  occurs due to various conditions. One such cause of child abuse is parental neglect. Parents in violent families often mistreat their children. Restrained social relationships with other personnel also contribute to child abuse where children may mistreat or be mistreated by others. For instance, the extended family may fail to offer support to a child suffering from parental mistreatment resulting in such as their homelessness. Social problems such as immigration also contribute to emotional child abuse through denial of parental care.  Frequent changes of address can also contribute to the psychological abuse of a child. Inadequate housing has also been shown to be a possible cause of child abuse.

Child abuse, both at the global and national level can be minimized through the implementation of various mechanisms. One such mechanism is protecting and prevention of child maltreatment. Families can also be provided with in-house services to ensure children live in the best conditions. Housing for homeless children would also be essential in curbing child abuse. Parental care would be the most effective means of preventing child abuse.




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