Chickfila’s Drive Thru Business Strategy- Case Study

The subject that I plan to research is Chick Fil A because I am interested on how they have been able to implement remarkable systems in all of their drive-thrus in order to enhance the experience of their guests. I plan to research this subject intensively so that I have a broader understanding of what good customer service entails. This particular subject has piqued my interest because they Chick Fil A has been able to distinguish themselves from the competition when it comes to their customer service and the efficiency of their drive thrus. In order to ensure that this subject is focused enough with a a limited scope

Case Study Prompt [Due Saturday]

This is where you will submit your case study.  The assignment is straightforward, and it will give you a chance to present the research you’ve been carrying out over the past few weeks.  Remember: you are the expert here. This will mean taking time to bring your reader up to speed with background information before moving on to your own findings.

Remember what you are trying to demonstrate in a case study: a detailed understanding of something.  It may be something that worked, something that didn’t work, something that we can learn from, etc. But your job is to help the reader understand it thoroughly.


As we’ve discussed, the basic outline of a case study is this:

Introduction: this is where you engage your reader, present your research question/area, and explain the scope of your study.

Narrative: this is where you will fill in knowledge gaps; here, you will bring in relevant background information that gives context for your study.

Findings: what does your research say?  Tell your reader what you’ve found in the articles, essays, and interviews you’ve read.

Conclusion/Discussion: what have we learned?  What should your reader now understand about this subject that they did not know before?


I do not expect that you will create strict sections in your paper, but I do expect to see each of these areas covered.  They are all essential to a strong case study.

Think of this piece of writing as a potential document to present in a portfolio to future employers.  Present the best research you can with strong, polished writing.



  • About 1,000 words [you can go over a bit if needed]
  • A clear area/subject of research
  • Sufficient background information
  • Strong research
  • A professional and appropriate references page

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