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The relationship between people, societies, and governments is crucial in facilitating good living standards, both domestically and internationally. Political science is the field that aims to evaluate the nature of such relationships.

But, what is scientific about the study of power relations?

Political scientists try to emulate similar objectivity as the one taken by scientists in the hard sciences such as physics and biology. This attribute results in the scientific element associated with the study of power relations between governments, societies, and people.

In writing, political science requires that research papers in the field are objective and not biased based on the audience’s interests. Such objectivity can only be acquired if you use a scientific method when writing a college essay.

When writing a political science term paper, how do you incorporate a scientific method? You can do so by taking an approach that tests and evaluates theories related to power relations between people, societies, and governments at the minimum.

For the evaluation to suffice that of a scientific method, your college paper’s methodological and conceptual rigor should be objective. To achieve this kind of objectivity, you will need to engage in intensive and extensive brainstorming to develop a term paper that is objective, rigorous, and logically consistent as is the case in the scientific method.

In political science, there are two dominant kinds of papers: research papers and theory papers.

Research papers are assignments whose objective is to assess your understanding of a complex case problem. They involve developing a perspective about the problem and arguing to support or oppose it. In writing an excellent political science research paper, you need to use empirical data, which is analyzed to reach a given proposition.

Conversely, theory papers differ from research papers in political science in that they do not utilize a scientific method as is the case in any other sciences. Nonetheless, they are expected to maintain a similar level of objectivity as scientific research papers. The objective of theory papers is often to understand the importance of the development of political events or ideas over time. They also seek to examine how things should be rather than how they are. In summary, theory papers are normative and historical.

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