Cause and Effect Essay: Here’s Professional Tips to Perfect It

We are accustomed to the phenomenon of action and reaction in life as it appears in diverse ways. For instance, for every decision that you make, there are associated consequences, for every policy implemented, there are expected outcomes, and for a change in business operations, there is an expected change. Such instances are basically what you try to explore using a cause and effect essay because everything is assumed to be interconnected and one thing leads to another. You can apply this analysis in various fields such as medicine, business, law, social sciences and political science.

Still do need more exploration of a cause and effect essay, here is a comprehensive analysis of what it is and the various approaches you can use to write a cause and effect essay.

What is a Cause and Effect Essay

In order to understand what a cause and effect essay is, it would be advisable to understand what is meant by the terms cause and effect.

Cause- this refers to the person, item, scenario etcetera that is responsible for an action

Effect- this is the result of a cause

In simple terms when you hit a ball, hitting the ball is the cause while the movement of the ball is the effect. Instances of cause and effect occur on a daily basis and hence provides numerous possible topics that one can explore.

What to Consider while Writing a Cause and Effect Essay

Writing a cause and effect essay can be challenging especially if you are not sure what you are supposed to do. Often, most cause and effect essay are not interested in an exploring of the cause and/or the effect.

On the contrary, writing a cause and effect essay requires that you answer the question ‘WHY?’ It is not sufficient to identify the cause and the effects but rather you have to analyze in order to draw the logical relationship between the cause and the effect. Your analysis should be organized such that you provide precise and relevant arguments supporting your inferred relationship between the cause and the effect.

What do we mean by saying that writing a cause an effect essay requires more of analysis and not just identifying the causes and the effects?

To help you understand what we mean by this, we will use an example of Newton’s discovery of gravity. In case you are not familiar with the context of this example, word is, an apple fell from a tree and hit Newton leading to his discovery of gravity. In this example, the cause was the falling of the tree while the effect was Newton being hit by the apple. Is that all you do while writing a cause and effect essay?

No. You go ahead and answer the question ‘WHY?’ Why did the apple fall? That is basically the question that Newton answered. In this example, it is the existence of a force that pulls objects towards the ground (gravity) that caused the apple to fall hitting Newton. This force, gravity, connects the cause and the effect. It is this force that answers the question ‘WHY?’

That is exactly what you are supposed to do while writing a cause and effect essay!

How do you ensure that you have written a good cause and effect essay?

In order for your cause and effect essay to be considered excellent, the first thing it should have done is answered the question ‘WHY?’ This is the primary objective of your cause and effect essay. In order to establish the relationship between cause and effect, you need to do an excellent analysis of the processes that lead to an effect(s) due to a certain cause(s).

How do you do your analysis?

Your analysis should be based on identifying the logical progression of the events that follow a cause to result in an effect. Analysis can involve analysis of the various causes and the chain of events that they trigger to cause an effect as we will see later in the article on how to organize your cause and effect essay. Your analysis should be well supported with valid arguments.

Secondly, your cause and effect essay should be able to identify uncommon cause and effect relationships on the topic that you are writing on. These relationships should be well supported using credible sources. For you to be able to write uncommon cause and effect relationships, you need to write on a good topic. Choose a good cause and effect essay topic.

Lastly, you will be able to write an excellent cause and effect essay if you explore and take a stand on a controversial topic. For instance, a topic of gun control can be a good area to explore as it is a current contentious issue, for instance, gun possession is not linked to crime.

Now that we have an idea on how to do analysis, how do we organize our cause and effect essay?

Organizing your cause and effect essay

How your organize your cause and effect essay can be simplified by exploring the cause and the effects while establishing their relationships.

Subsequently, we can organize our essay as one cause and one effect. This format is rare as most causes have different effects and vice verse.

You can also organize your essay based on the one cause and multiple effects. In this cause and effect essay, you explore a case when one action results in numerous consequences. An example would be such as giving incentives to employee that result in improved motivation and commitment

You can also have a case when multiple causes are responsible for one effect. An example in this case would be the issue of climate change where events such as deforestation, pollution and the greenhouse effect contribute to climate change.

Finally we have the case of chain of cause and effects. In this approach, you explore a scenario in which case one event leads to another that leads to the effect and so forth. For instance in the example of giving incentives to employee above, it can also be considered in chain of causes and events. In this case, the incentives leads to improved employee motivation and commitment which ultimately lead to improved organizational performance.

How do you start a cause and effect essay?

Writing your cause and effect essay is no similar from writing other essay papers. However, in cause and effect essay, you have to pay attention to your brainstorming session as this is where you identify all the possible causes and effects that you will be exploring while writing your essay. Once you have identified your causes and effects, do some preliminary research on your topic and use this information to write down a tentative thesis statement.

You should then do a comprehensive research to identify credible and relevant sources that you will use while writing your essay. Once you have your sources, develop a comprehensive outline that you will use while doing the write-up. Your outline will also be pertinent in ensuring that you have answered the question ‘Why?’ effectively.

Your should then do your write up and edit it before submitting it. You can review the articles ‘how to write an excellent paper’, ‘how to start my research paper’ and ‘how to write your essay fast’ to get a better understanding on how to approach an essay paper as well as get a few tricks on how to perfect your writing.

Possible topics for your cause and effect essay

Cause and effects scenarios occur on a daily basis. Subsequently, we cannot overwhelm the possible cause and effect topics. For an idea, here is a list of possible topics you can explore in a cause and effect essay.

  • Causes of divorces
  • Effect of climate change
  • Effect of social media on youth violence/cyber-bullying/communication
  • Effect of technology on classroom setting
  • Effect of exam cheating
  • Effects of use of mobile phones in schools
  • Relationship between mental health and physical health
  • Effect of divorce on children
  • Effect of America’s ban on immigration on international relations
  • Relationship between gun ownership and crime
  • Incarceration and crime rate relationship
  • Effects of healthy lifestyle
  • Effects of racism
  • Effects of overfishing

There are just too many cause and effects essay topics and we cannot exhaust them here. We believe you are creative enough and with the help of the guide on how to choose an excellent essay topic and screening itto determine if it is excellent, you will be able to develop an amazing topic for your cause and effect essay.

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