Case Study

In this course, you learn about various instructional strategies to utilize with students of low incidence disabilities. This Case Study assignment will help you synthesize your learning and demonstrate your knowledge, application, and analysis of characteristics of students with low incidence disabilities and appropriate instructional strategies to meet their individualized needs.


Learner Outcomes


LO 11: Identify, compare, and categorize traits and characteristics of learners with exceptionalities.


LO 12: Recognize the effects of disabilities across the lifespan and proactively address the implications through the application of research-based strategies.


LO 14: Recognize effects and complications of medications on learners with exceptionalities and adjust instruction accordingly.


LO 21: Understand and demonstrate methods to facilitate and manage materials, resources, and personnel related to providing appropriate instruction and related services for learners with exceptionalities.


LO 28: Understand and demonstrate ways to prepare and facilitate individualized and developmentally appropriate instructional strategies to promote problem solving and student learning throughout their lifespan.


LO 30: Understand and incorporate appropriate behavioral and academic theories and strategies based upon a learner’s individual communication skills and needs relevant to general education curricula.


LO 31: Understand and implement life skills instruction and resources to facilitate independence in various settings.



Identify a student with a low incidence disability to work with for the entire case study.


Part 5 (Week 5): Health, Medication, and Personal Care and Reflection

  1. Collaborate with various stakeholders to gather information about the student in regards to the areas of health, medication, and personal care including effects and complication which may require adjustments to
  2. Create a plan to create a supportive environment conducive to improving the student’s health, medical needs and personal
  3. Write a reflection of this case study including
    1. Working with a student with low incidence disability
    2. Impact your professional roles and responsibilities
    3. Impact P-12 learning and learners

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