Case 1 DMM

The case
The DMOs of the southern counties of UK, including Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset have collaborated in order to promote their destinations to the tourists. This will stimulate tourism towards southern UK and add value to the local economy.To undertake this task, each DMO has decided to set up a special department with a team to create strategies for this task.

You have developed a marketing plan in year one. Your task now is to connect a marketing plan to the DMO. How? See chapter 8 (Marketing strategy Development, Steven Pike, Destination Marketing) .Students can develop a marketing strategy framework for their chosen destination.

In groups of 3, choose one destination (Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset).
Create a vision, mission and values for your DMO.
Create a SWOT analysis of the chosen destination, Steven Pike- Destination Marketing-Chapter 8 Marketing Strategy Development.
Create two strategies for the DMO. The strategies should combine the sources of internal operating environment(sources of strengths and weaknesses) and External environment (sources of opportunities and threats). Create one offensive strategy which maximizes strengths relative to opportunities and one defensive strategy which will minimize weaknesses in relation to threats.(see SWOT matrix Chapter 8, Destination Marketing, Steven Pike)
Pick one strategy(offensive or defensive) and justify your choice. Write an action plan covering the implementations of the chosen strategy by the DMO on the destination.
Action Plan: This basic implementation plan should include specifics like cost/time estimations and how the task would be performed?

First session:
Discuss criteria DMOs (homework)
Start-up assignment, form groups, divide destinations.
Discuss the relevance of PESTEL analysis for SWOT analysis. Brainstorm, the process of conducting a PESTEL analysis for their specific destination.

Second Session:
The students will present mission, vision, values, goals, PESTEL and SWOT analysis of their destination (max 10 minutes ). Group provides feedback and questions. Please note that the above has to be created by the group. Therefore you will need to familiarize yourself with the criteria to develop them.
Start-up how to develop strategies and implementation (discuss how to continue)

Third session:
Discuss strategic options and implementation for the input of final report.
Hand in report (MAX. 2500 words A4, strategy framework of the destination)
Deadline report: Friday week 3.

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