Carl Rodgers and communication style, approach etc.

The mid-term is a multifaceted project that will be done individually, where you will focus on an interpersonal approach to communication. You will write a 6-8 page research paper and deliver an oral presentation. Each student will be assigned one of the approaches and become an “expert” in that area. You have been assigned Carl Rodgers.
Next, you will need to locate a minimum of two (2) other academic, scholarly articles that are either written by or written about the SAME author (of the approach you’ve been assigned) in peer-reviewed journals or book chapters.
and fully cited; in-page citations should also be accurately completed.
attach PDFs of two (2) primary articles used. I need the PDF documents included when the paper is done. They can be included as a PDF.
Paper Criteria / Checklist of Concepts to Address:
Begin with a biographical introduction of the author in your own words. [Where needed, cite sources but paraphrase more than quote.]
Discuss and dialogue with the author on the interesting, intriguing, confusing, complex elements of the approach chosen.
Clearly organize and structure your ideas, using required format.
Demonstrate clear understanding in analysis of relevant approach.
Share about the author’s approach and views, but be sure to personalize your paper as much as possible.
I have attached one article and the book that we also had to reference about Carl Rodgers approach. These both need to be incorporated as well as two more that I will need you to include and attached to the end of this so that they can be submitted.

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