Capstone project

This Capstone paper is extremely important. I need confirmation that NO PLAGIARISM of any sort will occur; that all words, statements, phrases, sentences (aside from quoted research/cases/statutes etc), will be of the writer’s own accord, knowledge, and work. Please confirm.

This paper will be on a topic regarding Public Health Law & Policy. You may choose the topic, and I will attach some ideas here in case you’d like to use one: homelessness, housing located in poor neighborhoods (asbestos, lead, etc) with inadequate roads/services, prison system, (inadequate mental/physical services, abuse), regulation of sex workers, immunizations/vaccines, transgender/LGBTQ healthcare and their treatment in schools/prisons, drugs, impact of education or lack thereof on abuse/drug use, preventing drug use through criminalization or do we want harm reduction such as needle drop off centers, nutrition/sedentary lifestyle, capitalism/greed/pharmaceutical industry, wealth disparities, puritan work ethic – the work culture in the USA treats humans as robots, public health and the environment, international public health, legalization of marijuana leading to more abuse?, separating immigrant parents from their children while seeking asylum… the list could go on.


  1. I need a detailed and substantive outline with an annotated bibliography, by October 3rd, 2021. I have attached a sample outline and the writer should follow the structure. (writing the outline will be of use to writer and will make the writing of the paper much easier)2. I need first draft of the finished Capstone paper by November 3rd, 2021. I have attached a sample Capstone paper.

    3. I need final draft of the finished Capstone paper by November 25th, 2021. (I will send comments and constructive criticism back before November 15th, 2021, so PLEASE wait until I send them because the final draft MUST be responsive to the commentary and criticism received.)

Content, research and analysis are most important. If the paper does not have research or analysis, it is not a good paper. And of course, this is a given but, citations must be done according to the The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (law citations). A writer who is familiar with US law will know this. Please assign me someone who is extremely familiar.

Again, all of this is contingent upon confirmation of NO PLAGIARISM and writing your own words and thoughts. Thank you and looking forward to working together. I am also looking forward to speaking with the personal manager for this paper!

You must (i) formulate a thought-provoking topic, (ii) thoroughly research your topic, and (iii) prepare a paper that is well written, impeccably organized, and unquestionably proof-read.

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