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Nursing Scholarship Essay

I have a two-page essay to apply for a scholarship. The first page has to include why I need the scholarship
my reason; my husband’s GI bill ran out, and I also have to take care of my husband (disable veteran), which gives me no time to work.
The second page should include why I choose the field of nursing.


Motivation letter

See instructions

the job is based on :

please creat a motivation letter for this position based on the link and also based on the CV.
im doing a finance degree but always wanted to work in a hotel and also the reason why Puerto Rico due that im bilingual ( Spanish, dutch, English ) able to make good use of my ability


See paper instructions

quiz 20 questions, you would need my text book which is digital
Textbook: Sadock, Sadock and Ruiz text: chapters 4, 31, pages 1082-1108
Textbook: Wheeler text: pages 225-231, chapters 19 & 20
Article: Winters et al.Instructions
Your quiz is open book.
You may take this quiz twice during the workshop. The highest quiz attempt will be kept in the grade book.
You will be asked 10 questions related to your textbook reading.
You will have 30 minutes to complete each attempt of this quiz.
To begin the assessment click on the button below. Click on “Save Answers” periodically while you are working on the assessment to save your answers. When you are finished, click on “Submit for Grading”.



Read the book “Little Johnny & the Naughty Boat People”
Answer questions 1-6 on your Quiz
Watch “Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea”
and answer the question

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