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What is yellow peril? What is yellow face? Explore the relationship and connections between yellow peril and yellow face? Are there any similarities and differences?

-Context: In the analysis, the author incorporates one quote from the text.
-discuss the ways in which Asian and Asian American women and men have been historically portrayed and why.
-Supporting evidence: refers to specific details in the “Asian Americans and the Media” by Ono and Pham’s to support thesis
-Citation list or bibliography at the end


  1. Research Article Review
  2. A short description of the study design
    2. Identification of the type(s) of evidence referred to in the study and explain the reason
    3. The aims of the study -what is being investigated



quiz 20 questions, you would need my text book which is digital
Textbook: Sadock, Sadock and Ruiz text: chapters 4, 31, pages 1082-1108
Textbook: Wheeler text: pages 225-231, chapters 19 & 20
Article: Winters et al.Instructions
Your quiz is open book.
You may take this quiz twice during the workshop. The highest quiz attempt will be kept in the grade book.
You will be asked 10 questions related to your textbook reading.
You will have 30 minutes to complete each attempt of this quiz.
To begin the assessment click on the button below. Click on “Save Answers” periodically while you are working on the assessment to save your answers. When you are finished, click on “Submit for Grading”.


Follow instructions in file uploaded

Homework Directions and Due Dates: For this week I would like your essay to reflect on the following based on class notes and videos; hedonism, The Enlightenment, Hume and the emotive theory, Aristotle, Kant, the “categorical imperative,” consequentialism (pragmatism), utilitarianism and consequentialism, From Sulmasy explain from notes the meaning of The Clinic and the two myths of Ivan Illich. Be sure to explain what was said. From the Gray text read p. 6. and explain legalism and the Divine Command theory. From Sulmasy read chap One and discuss the poem by Emily Dickenson. What is the poem saying? Please provide quotes from reading.

You could also say some brief about the poem by Emily Dickenson. If you could give examples regarding the terms that would be helpful. Thank you


Thank you


Reading: Sulmasy, Daniel, O.F.M., M.D., Ph.D.. THE REBIRTH OF THE CLINIC: AN

INTRODUCTION TO THE SPIRITUALITY OF HEALTH CARE. Georgetown University Press: Washington, 2007.

Reading: Ashley, Benedict, O.P. and O’Rourke, Kevin, O.P. ETHICS OF HEALTH CARE. Georgetown University Press: Washington, 2002.



Financial Assessment and Resource Planning

Here is the previous feedback i received.

“I know you have worked on revising this and you have some good information, but some areas are still pretty confusing and the actual CBA is not included. Also, the bottom-up estimation approach is a good one to use, but your definition of how it engages the customers was off. You are including citations to sources where you are getting this information, but I am not seeing this type of information in the source. Re-read your paper for clarity. Many of the statements are confusing or incorrect entirely. This is making it difficult to confirm that you have an understanding of the concepts. Perhaps work through the CBA with numbers rather than words and see if that helps you show your proficiency in the concepts.”

Here is the link to example of how CBA is used:

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