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“Storytelling for Business Video”

Briefly describe a project that you would be interested in producing using a short video. It could be an ad campaign for hunger relief, a new product launch, driving people to see a new movie, or anything else that meets your interest. Next, identify your target audience. Think about demographics like age, income, or education. Consider your audience’s interests. What approach in your video do you think would draw your intended audience toward your goal? What may offend them or drive them away? Please include 2 scholarly sources



  1. Explain the difference between an employee and an independent contractor.

    2. Share your views on the pros and cons of “gig work” In your informed opinion, what is driving the push toward the “gig economy”? Do you think these types of employment arrangements will continue to grow in popularity? Why or why not?


Business Studies

Professional musicians do everything they can to keep the show going, particularly for tours that are scheduled months in advance. However, illness and other unforeseeable circumstances can force an act to cancel shows, even after all the tickets have been sold.

Choose one of your favorite musical acts and assume that you are the tour manager who needs to tell 25,000 fans that an upcoming concert must be canceled because of illness. Ticket holders can apply for a refund at the artist’s website or keep their tickets for a future concert date, which will be identified and announced as soon as possible. Write two tweets, 1 announcing the cancelation and one outlining the options for tickets holders. Make up any information you need, and post your tweets.

Must be at least 100 words


Writer’s choice/answering questions

Answer the 3 question I post here. The required reading will be attached in additional materials. Questions are as follows,

1. Identify several concepts and characteristics from the field of organizational behavior that this case illustrates.

2. What advice can you give Tony? How would this advice be supported or tempered by behavioral concepts and processes?

3. Is it possible to find an “ideal” place to work? Explain.


Design workbook

You are to create a digital workbook (landscape multi-page PDF)
documenting your research, process and final outcomes based on
design activities created in the Studio.

The aim of this project is to offer you a range of different concept development experiences.

You will be required to communicate your ideas through mark making, digital illustration and photography, while exploring different mediums, design elements and principles, techniques
and styles.


Research proposal

Hi. I want research proposal. But can you please suggestion me a topic and confirm it with my potential supervisor before completing the payment
Once done, we’ll start.

This is what the my potential supervisor asked for ( However, if you are willing to develop a new proposal, I can maybe explain my interests and expertise: Personally, I am very much interested in, and have expertise in, project management from quite a different perspective: Service Innovation Management (New (High-Tech) Service Design, New Service Development (projects)): this is focused on management of service development teams in very dynamic projects
So, if you would be interested in developing a proposal that centers on project management in a dynamic, high-tech environment (it could be new service design/development in government, healthcare, education, tourism, etc.) I would certainly be interested.



Case study

I would like to have a full study about Standby charges on contracts line items. (Standby charges are on services/tools are requested to perform a certain job but for any reason, they have to wait until they can perform the job and charge for their services). The issue (waste) happened due to multiple inputs some of them are :
– Poor logistic planning.
– Poor contractual language.
– Poor awareness
– No KPI.
– No real tracking mechnisem.
– Contractors abusing the contract agreements.

The total waste spent for standby in 5 years is $ 3,000,000,000.

I want full study starting with abstract and then analyzing the problem. Compare the waste of 3 B with Market Cap with other companies in Oil and Gas field.

Provide solutions and how can this waste be minimized?

This case study should be a high level ( Mckinsey) report

Provide charts as require and PPT slides

Please estimate the required number of pages, charts, and slides based on the above instructions

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