Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing Plan Project (Part 1)

This assessment is split between two people. I need questions 1,2 & 4 answered (refer to the Assessment Brief 1 upload).

The assessment is a total of 1000 words, with this requiring only 500~ (not including tables if required).

The format is Formal Report with headings/Subheadings. I am happy to do the Table of Contents, but will require a references list.

The B2B company we have chosen to research is Stratosmedia (part of I have attached a ZIP file with some proposals and comparisons.

Please refer to the assessment brief for details regarding the expectations of the report and the criteria that needs to be met.





Background of the product and company

StratosMedia media is fast and efficient communication platform developed by CEAD Group of Companies. This group of companies is lead by its business philosophy that the management team should share a commitment to support efficiency as well as the prosperity of the company. The group embraces technology, service corporate and professionals who provide vision, inspiration to its business partners. In the wake of advancement in technology and the unreliability associated with cloud technology, CEAD developed StratosMedia to provide a fast speed in communication (CEAD, 2016). StratosMedia team believes that the real future of communication via digital platform will dominate smart devices. The team understands that their infrastructure allows them to create a platform where all parties from all levels can interact with all devices such as smartphones and tablets. The brand is intended to provide high quality, creative and interactive media for outstanding client experience.

Product details

StratosMedia is described as a complete solution in the development, distribution as well as continuing management in the advancement of digital content for a variety of devices. The product provides business intelligence in big data handling, real-time information and directional business analytics and data visualization. StratosMedia also provides a platform for content management and delivery as well as device management through digital signage. Another feature on StratosMedia is the computer vision for tracking and counting audience, analysis of age- gender and in addition to smartphone analytics (StratosMedia, 2016). Lastly, the media has Internet of Things (IoT) device management and communication component. Robust capabilities accompany the media including multi-user functionality, remote player management, security management, content creation, content creation and distribution, media management such as analytics and playback as well as a duo- data directional streaming and reporting. The build of StratosMedia is based on the leading technologies to deliver useful compatibility across platforms. The media is flexible enough by supporting platforms such as Chrome OS, Android, Windows, and IOS.
The product offers customers with benefits which include the ability to create and apply policies and app settings to different users track and allocate devices as well as getting user configuration and reports. Also, the product enables users to pre-install and block apps, control which uses an individual device and configures network access. StratosMedia delivers a better, faster, stronger digital communication platform and experience for the client. According to CEAD (2016), the platform creates a world of opportunities for companies, businesses, and retailers to showcase brand and creatively capture the attention of their audience.

Market segmentation of the product

StratosMedia targets an agnostic market that encourages innovations and future mindset. Although StratosMedia delivers a faster, better and robust communication platform, its target market is mainly focused on advanced digital content devices. The media targets smartphones, video walls, tablets, screens and all digital displays (CEAD, 2016). The CEAD TV utilizes the StratosMedia Display, but access is limited to Google Chrome OS users. The company ‘hand picks’ the best Chromebox hardware in the market for StratosMedia installation. This approach emphasizes the company’s target market for the best product in comparison to other available software such as Wondersign (Wondersign, 2016). As noted earlier, the product targets leading technologies that encompass latest operating systems such as Chrome, Android and Windows. Therefore, high-tech products that intend to provide the best services and at the most affordable prices characterize StratosMedia market segment.





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