Business Studies


400-500 words total, edited and proofread. Submit as a Word or pdf file.

1. Briefly summarize each of the two models you read about. Include each model’s name, how it works, a diagram with the parts labeled (you may copy this from a website but you must cite the location), and what specifically it helps us understand or predict.

2. Discuss the case of the smart glasses that failed. Use one or both models to help explain what happened and why.

3. Do either a) or b) below. You don’t have to do both.

a. Present one real or imaginary situation. Describe clearly the situation, then apply one of the two models to explain what is going on in it. What did it help you understand?

b. Read online about the Tesla line of electric cars. Choose one of the two models and use it to explain where the product is in terms of adoption, life cycle, etc, as well as how that information might help the company focus its efforts; in other words, what should they do with that info?

4. At the top of your paper copy and paste in the following line:

This is my own original work. I am responsible for all the content except for anything that is cited as originating elsewhere. Submission of uncited work created by others will result in a course grade of F.

Required readings and resources:

What is the product life cycle?

Crossing the chasm in the technology adoption cycle.

Crossing the Chasm in the Technology Adoption Life Cycle

Why Snapchat Spectacles failed,

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