Business Studies Essay

Assignment Instructions:
There are three sections to this assignment, each should have its own heading in your essay:
Part I: Investing Behavior:
Begin this lesson by completing the interactive investor profile questionnaire at Investment Risk Tolerance Assessment ( ). According to this instrument, explain what kinds of investments should you consider. Also include a profile for yourself as an investor. Make sure you analyze and discuss the various types of investors and where you fit in. What else can you find out about investing behavior–for example, does your profile change over time as you age or does it remain the same? How would your profile assist you and your financial advisor or investment advisor in planning your portfolio?

Part II: Recognizing Fraud
What is a pyramid scheme and what is a Multi-Level Marketing plan (MLM)? How do they differ, if at all? See if you can find online information regarding an illegal pyramid schemes and a legal MLM scheme. How can you recognize an MLM if you are approached to get involved with one? Have you ever participated in or invested in either an MLM or an illegal pyramid scheme? Why are fraudulent pyramid schemes naturally unsustainable? Who are the victims? Provide a diagram illustrating the dynamics of pyramid schemes.

Part III: Famous Scandals
What is a Ponzi Scheme and how do you recognize one? Next, survey the Web site of a 2009 60 Minutes CBS broadcast on the Madoff affair, which includes articles, video, and links in this YouTube Video, ‘The Man Who Knew’ ( ) . According to this site, who discovered the Madoff fraud and then discuss how he discovered it? Who were Madoff’s victims and what were some common elements among the individuals who participated in this scheme? Next, visit the support group Web site ( ) created for the victims and report on what you found interesting. In the CBS video, how did Madoff defend himself? Read a Read a Journal article that explains how Madoff’s Ponzi ( ) scheme was able to succeed. How did biases in regulatory oversight contribute to the fraud? Sample some of the videos of the congressional hearings on the Madoff scandal ( ). Why did representatives and senators eventually focus their criticism on the Securities and Exchange Commission?

Use the template provided. Follow APA7 format, including a title page, introduction, conclusion, citations, and a minimum of three references (not Wikipedia or Investopedia). See the attached PPT file. Your final project should be a minimum 5 pages in length, excluding the title and reference pages.

This final project is a significant portion of your grade and is a two-week assignment. You will want to spend time researching, studying, and writing this essay to receive high marks. Read over your work carefully to look for grammar, punctuation, and APA issues before pushing the send button. Make sure MS Word is not “hiding” the grammar and spelling errors.

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