BPR Proposal

  1. Complete the PAS Checklist Draft by addressing the requirements for each section. ** Do not have to fill in the checklist – can create a separate document with the information.2. Completed Prospectus is the approved guidelines and details to use for drafting the PAS Checklist and build upon.

    3. Background Info on Project

    4. Proposal Instructions are provided as guidance/instructions for each section.

    5. Literature review/Sources used – feel free to build on this…

    **If any tables or charts need to be included, PLEASE let me know so I can add the additional funds to cover…

The proposal establishes the rationale for conducting the study, including a review and analysis of the relevant literature, and describes the design and methodology that you will utilize for the study. The proposals cover three main areas: introduction to the study, literature review, and discussion of the research design and method.


Section 1: Introduction to the Problem

Writing the Introduction

The introduction frames the background and problem. Students have likely already covered this in the prospectus and/or other preproposal capstone documents submitted for approval.


Section 2: Conceptual Approach and Background

Writing the Literature Review

The next main area of the proposal is describing and synthesizing the current literature. It is important for students writing this part of the proposal to cover all areas relevant to the topic and problem.


Literature Review Triangle Concept

Purpose and Samples of the Search Strategy Description

The purpose for describing the search strategy for your literature review is to demonstrate that you have searched the literature comprehensively to locate all relevant, current, and authoritative research for your topic or research problem. The strategy description includes sufficient detail to accurately report your search process so that another researcher could replicate the search. There is no one formula for reporting the search process; the topic or research problem will inform the process.

Section 3: Data Collection Process and Analysis

Writing the Method and Design of the Study

The final element of the proposal is the discussion of the research design and method the doctoral student intends to use. Though there is likely a more basic description of this already in the approved preproposal capstone documents, in the proposal the student will need to elaborate and specify the step-by-step plan for conducting the study, including collecting and analyzing the data.

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