Book Review / Cinema and Development in West Africa by James E. Genova

This is for communication for development graduate course, please read the following carefully.
a book review consists of two parts. First part (around 30-40%) summarizes the main arguments, and provide an overview of the methodology, style, and structure. The second part (60-70%) consists of a critical assessment of the book.
Criteria for assessing the review: respect of the genre conventions, style and language, clarity, and quality of arguments and ideas.

A good review is more than just a summary of the contents. It should include your view on what the purpose of the book is and who it is intended for, and it should address the context (time and place) in which the book has been written, an evaluation of the author’s arguments for strengths and weaknesses, and your identification of any bias in their perspective on the topic.
it is likely to involve you asking yourself some or all of the following questions:

Who is the author? What is their disciplinary background? What have they published before? Is this building on their previous research or entering a new field?
When was the book written? How might that affect the perspective taken? Is there, for example, a political, social or economic context that would impact on the writing?
What is the book about? What is the main topic area and scope? How does it fit with other books that have been published in this area?
What is the main argument in the book? Is it well argued? Are the author’s assumptions valid? Is there any obvious bias in the source of evidence they use?
Is the writing style appropriate? Is the book well structured and does it flow comfortably?
What is your view on the book’s strengths and weaknesses? Do you think it’s a valuable contribution to the literature in the discipline?

please note that this assignment is going to be checked on plagiarism so no more than 12% should match.
I have attached samples of book reviews

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