Australian law enforcement and Cybercrimes

This is a 3,000 word (+/- 10%) Research Essay that should be examined in detail.


What are the most difficult cybercrimes for Australian law enforcement to investigate and prosecute, and why are these areas so challenging?


(You will want to select 2-3 examples of specific types of cybercrime and argue why they are uniquely challenging)



  • Include an introduction (which will introduce your case and explain the purpose of this paper) and a conclusion (which will summarise the main findings).
  • Arguments should be made in properly formatted Do not use bullets, lists, graphs or tables. 3- A clearly stated research question; A clear argument that answers your research question.
  • Definitions for all key terms drawn from the academic
  • This paper should have extensive references including peer reviewed articles and other scholarly
  • This is an academic research assignment, which means you need to provide references to support all of your These references should be drawn primarily from academic journal articles and books. Journalistic sources. Do not rely on encyclopedias, such as Wikipedia. Textbooks, which are designed to give a general overview of a topic, should also generally be avoided where possible.
  • References should be formatted according to the Harvard referencing Please include a bibliography.
  • You do not need and should not include an abstract, executive summary or


(Research Essay Marking Rubric)


Introduction/Conclusion: A concise lead-in to the research essay, describing what will be covered. Conclusion includes a summation of key points.

Argument: Argument which is highly complex, logical, consist, and engaging. Shows a strong development of conceptual/theoretical points.

Critical Analysis: Sharp and insightful critical analysis, excellent interrogation of underlying assumptions and contested concepts. Highly original and creative contribution to debate.

Knowledge & Understanding: Exceptional in-depth knowledge of the relevant subject matter. Provides a clear and complex explanation of theories and concepts using own understanding with a sophisticated attempt to apply this knowledge. Evidence of very wide reading and insightful interpretation of evidence.

Evidence/ Resources :Use of a very wide range of highly relevant academic sources which clearly support the arguments presented. Insightful and creative use of relevant examples.

Structure and Organisation: Highly logical and consistent structure throughout which strongly supports the arguments presented. Content highly purposeful with excellent use of sign-posting. Excellent use of introduction and conclusion as structuring tools. Keeps within the required word length.

Style & and Presentation: Correct use of English grammar, clear expression, shows high level of creativity and flair in the use of language.

References: Fair use of sources with no evidence of plagiarism, correct use of referencing styles throughout.

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