Assignment 1: Research Proposal

Topic:                                     Students Self-selected Topic


  • Aim and Objectives

To start your research, you need to set a clear and focused aim (1)and set of objectives (3-5). For example, the aim will be a clear goal of intention and the objectives will demonstrate what research needs to be done to achieve your goal.

Include a supporting rationale, justifying the need for the research to be undertaken.


  • Literature Review & Theoretical Framework

Explore the work of others by conducting a literature search in relation to your research aim and objectives. This section should draw the reader’s attention to only those studies which are closest and most relevant to your chosen research topic. Remember you are not reviewing all the literature in the entire field, but actively interpreting the literature that you are reviewing and explaining, rather than just listing what others have written. A theoretical framework indicating emerging themes and key factors in your chosen topic.


  • Select and justify the methodological approach to your research

In relation to your chosen topic select and justify appropriate method(s) of research to demonstrate how you intend to collect information and data in order to achieve your aim.

Explain how you would apply the chosen research methods and consider the constraints likely to influence your research.

You need to clearly demonstrate your understanding of reliability and validity within the research and ethical considerations need to be given.

Therefore, this section outlines how you will utilise these methods of research and how you intend to analyse the information which may be gathered. Yourmethodologyshouldexplain,defendandjustifywhyyouadopted themethodsyouhave.Forexample,whyarequestionnairesmostsuited toyourstudy?Whydidyounotuseinterviewsorobservationmethods? It isusefultoshowthatyou(asaresearcher)areawareofthe advantagesanddisadvantagestothemethodsyouhavechosenand thendefendyourchoiceofmethod. Finally, you are required to construct either a questionnaire or a list of interview questions for a semi-structured interview in relation to your topics aim and objectives.




Writing up the Proposal       70% (Provisional)


Cover Page/Title Page

List of Contents with corresponding page numbers

Section 1



Aim and Objectives

Section 2

Theoretical Framework

Literature Review

Section 3


Choice of Research Design (Secondary and/or Primary research)

Sample Questionnaire/ Interview Questions

Sample Frame

Data Analysis Procedures


Section 4


List of References












Recommended Minimum Word Count Guidelines for each Section


Section 1 500 words
Section 2 1500 words
Section3 1250 words
Section 4 250 words


List of Contents and References not included in overall word count.


Presentation Guidelines (NB)


  • Use A4 layout with standard margins.
  • Include a content page.
  • Headings in Ariel font size 14 Bold.
  • Text in Times New Roman font size 12.
  • Use 1.5 line spacing.
  • Page Numbers centered at foot.
  • Text Justified.
  • Numbering paragraphs: if you decide to use a numbering style, please use Microsoft word numbering tools. (1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc.).
  • Numbering Table and Charts: tables (table1, table 2 etc) and charts (figure 1, figure 2 etc).
  • List of References are to be double spaced and presented alphabetically.
  • New chapters should always commence on a new page.
  • Submit one hard copy printed on white paper, neatly in folder.

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