Assignment #1 – Employment Research

  • Find and describe at least three choices available to you. You must do some community research (online or in person).  If you plan to move, do the research for the community you are moving to.  (3 marks)


  • What are the pros and cons of your options listed above? (6 marks) **add rows to the table as needed**


Work Setting Pros Cons








  • What about continuing your education, what could you take to further develop yourself in the Health Care field? Where? What prerequisites are needed? (4 marks)


  • Have you found areas where you need more information? What information are you needing? How could you get it?  What’s prevented you from finding it? (3 marks)


  • What are your particular talents, skills and abilities that will be an asset to your new work site? (1 mark)


  • What roles and responsibilities do you have outside of work? Explain how these influence your choice of work site. (2 marks)


  • Do you have an employment preference based on what you know about yourself and the work settings you’ve discovered during this assignment? Explain. (1 marks) **best case scenario of course. I know you may not start out at your dream job**


  • Based on your analysis, where do you feel you would be most suited to work? I know that things could change over the next few months. Based on your research what would your employment search plan be? (2 marks)


  • Based on the direction you would like to take, what are your next steps? Explain how you can use the information gathered above to move closer to your goal. Use the SMART goal technique to answer this question. (5 marks) **use the table below; spaces will expand as you type**
S – Specific  
M – Measurable  
A – Achievable  
R – Realistic  
T – Timely  



  • When and how do you plan to review and re-evaluate your choice(s)? (2 marks)


  • Self-reflection: Was this a new way for you to make a decision? How did it feel for you? Were you happy with the outcome? What did you learn from the process? (4 marks)

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