Assessment 3

1] Please read the “Instruction” file and other information files that I send to you carefully to understand and do this task. You can find other sources to understand Catholic Social Thought principles.
2] There are two main pieces of writing in this task. The first is creative work for 300 words, second is a personal reflection in essay form [can use first person to write] for 900 words.
3] Please send the order back to me in a Word Document [.doc] file.



The themes of the unit reflect a wide range of existential concerns that have an impact on us at various times in our lives: for example, our concern for the promotion of human dignity and our desire for flourishing.


Your first task is to identify refer to the theme below:


  • The meaning and value of communities


Second task: think about the ways in which the theme: The meaning and value of communities

connects with your own experience of the community that you belong to is Family Community.


Third task: create an original imaginative piece of work that expresses the theme – The meaning and value of communities [and the way it connects with your Family Community that you belong to]; and which relates to the 2 principles of Catholic Social Thought are The Common Good and Participation. [please read and understand these 2 principles, do not write the definition or explain these terms as this is the imaginative work]


Your creative work should be based on your own experience in your Family Community that you belong to and reflect the theme The meaning and value of communities.


Examples of a creative work might be [Make sure your creative work should be up to 300 words]


  • a letter [to a family member]
  • a short story
  • a poem



Finally, write a personal reflection in essay form [900 words] on the creative work [third task]

that you have created, explaining the relationships between your created work, your selected theme

  • The meaning and value of communities and 3 principles [in total] of Catholic Social Thought that are : The Common Good, Participation, Dignity of the Human



General Instructions: The reflection should clearly explain to readers what the relationship is between your created work, the unit content and 3 principles of Catholic Social Thought.



  • Please see the marking rubric
  • The idea is to express your thoughts clearly and concisely and make your reflection as clear, accurate [in terms of your understanding of the principles] and coherent as you
  • The reflection does require correct and full Please include a Bibliography or reference list for this assessment.
  • References and in-text citations do not count in the word limit [please make sure your personal reflection is 900 words exclude the in-text citations]

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