Assessing ALD Automotive’s OSCM capabilities and identifying operational improvements

Please only accept this order if you are experienced in OSCM and are able to know how certain processes internally go within an Automotive Leasing company such as ALD Automotive. If you do not know anything about these internal processes, stop here and give this order to someone else who does have this process knowledge.

See the clear guidelines in the attachment
See first start/draft which as only to give the writer better insights of which I already gained. [rewrite / add /adjust part I please]
See some powerpoint slides used during class to help make models and use them as TOOLS, use these tools!!! fill in models or assess processes with the given models. USE them as given and try to visualize as much as possible. If you have any additional tools besides these it is highly appreciate, but the given tools should be used.

If not used and explained properly per tool, this paper is incomplete and I will not be able to accept it.!!!!

Also use references from the theory you use additional besides the theory models given in PowerPoint.

This assignment has to be written as if you are working for ALD Automotive and are analyzing certain process flows from a Operations Supply Chain Management [OSCM] view. Attached I made a start with Part I [background info] which needs to be rewritten of course but this should help you as a writer to have some insights already [please do your own research too as I am also not 100% familiar with ALD Automotive as a company, as this company was assigned to me and I am not actually working there], Part II and part III are the most important parts so if you decide to focus the problem on semiconductors which I only used as an example you could take in mind the following:
>> You can always address this problem [e.g. semiconductors]. It is all about how you are going to present and link .
>> For example , refer to the score-card of the Individual Assignment. Refer to item 6 of the score-card [i.e – Report provides a clear assessment of Operations [that is any one of the items # 5D to 5G], in a rigorous way]
>> You can address the problem of “shortages in semi-conductor” as a part of this item 6 linking it to the speed. That is due to shortage, the SPEED of delivery – item 5E given in the guideline – is poor and how to solve it.. This is one option
>> The other option is: You can discuss the problem of “ shortage in semi-conductor” as a part of Supply Chain Risk Management – item 7 of the score-card.
>> At the end, it all depends on how you present and bundle the content. So please make the right choices and link it to an internal process within ALD Automotive.

>> Ideally, I would suggest you to go through the Guideline and score-card [enclosed in the attachment for your convenience] thoroughly and create an idea / story at “virtual level” first.

>> As a general proposal, I would say that you can already judge / assess which elements of the score-card may be difficult for you to address..

1. I am sure there will NOT be much difficult with respect to addressing elements [1] to [3] of PART-I of the score-card, using ALD Automotive as organization
2. Element [4] of Part-II of the score-card, would be NO problem, I assume.
3. For elements [5] to [7] of the Part-II of the score-card, you can decide to focus one of the KEY PRIMRY PROCESSES of ALD Automotive’s business unit
Alternatively , you may also decide to focus on the SECONDARY / SUPPORT PROCESSES , Recruitment or Invoicing process etc.
Once you map the chosen process, following the info given in the guideline may be easy.
4. For element of [6] of Part-II of the score-card, you may even try the exercise of finding where ALD as organization lies in the digital transformation process , using the tool provided in the course [or the tool that you might have found from ALD or from literature] .
5. For element [7] of Part-II of the score-card, you may even try the exercise of finding where your organization lies in the Internal Collaboration or RISK MANAGEMENT , using the tool provided in the course [ or the tool …………………………………………………………………………………………]
6. Element [8] can logically follow from all the previous elements …

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