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Exercise 3: Writing a Design Contract Assignment – Group Assignment
Based upon your group’s assigned “client” & “project” information provided below, you and your
teammates will prepare a formal design contract [not letter of agreement] for one of the two scenarios.
Apply what you have learned to each scenario. Submit electronically as pdf using Canvas.
You will determine how you want to write the contact and charge for your design services. Remember
to include the detailed scope of services, your method of compensation and fee, your contract
terms, any other disclosures and signature lines. You may use your textbook samples [page 179-204] for an appropriate format. Remember to review the contract checklist [Table 10-2] for all of
the critical agreement components. Present the contract on your business letterhead.
ØClient Scenario #1:
Your design firm is located in Metro-Orlando area and you have four employees on staff; a
design assistant, senior designer, administrative assistant /bookkeeper and a CAD operator.
You will determine the hourly rates for each employee listed above.Ø
The potential client is a referral. He [Bruce Willis] knows one of your clients and is familiar withØ
your design style. He currently lives in Washington, DC and is purchasing a new home in Mt.
Dora. The 4000-square foot home is under construction and is nearly complete. The main
house has 3 bedrooms, [one of which is a master suite], 3 bathrooms, dining area, great room,
work-out room, kitchen and breakfast nook, home office, an enclosed courtyard with a summer
kitchen and 3-car garage. The main house has a separate guest house which includes a
bedroom, kitchenette and bathroom. No scaled floor plans are available, so you will need to
create a scaled floor plan.
He wants you to be his “eyesØ & ears” while he is in Washington and to monitor the last stages of
construction. You will need to coordinate the project details with the home builder.
He wants your firm to develop an overall color scheme for the home, to select interior finishesØ
for all of the rooms, design custom window treatments, select lighting fixtures and select all
new furniture [when he moves, he is not bringing any of his existing furniture]. He would like a
focal point created in each room, possibly a mural or faux finish. You may need to contract
and/or coordinate with an artist. He would like color presentation boards sent to him within 2
weeks for his approval.
Special requests include: tile pattern designs for kitchen back splash, master suite bathroomØ &
shower: fireplace mantel design; ceiling design in kitchen [cove lighting in place] and some
details in the courtyard that enhances the character of the house.
Design Challenge: He would like to have the design concept created and approved within theØ
next 3 weeks and furniture purchased and/or ordered so it can be delivered in 6 weeks when
he moves in.

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