Art [Fine arts, Performing arts]

ARTH120Z Midterm Essay Study Questions

  1. How did rulers and ruling families used art and architecture to consolidate and express their power? [Hint: think about artistic style, material, creative process, and scale]
  2. How did the public space and architecture develop in colonial Bombay and Keijo? What dothe variations tell us?
  3. What do Buddhist sculptures and monuments in Northern Wei [and the Northern Wei style] tell us about how Buddhism arrived and was localized in China?

Important Information and Tips:

This is an open-note and take-home essay exam. You will have access to PowerPoints, lectures, your notes, and readings during the time you are taking the exam. This is to give you time to prepare and write a coherent and effective essay.

In other words, I am testing you on how well you synthesize class materials and provide good examples [with sufficient analysis] to support your argument, not on how well you memorize things.

Your essay should:

  1. Answer the entirety of the chosen question.
  2. Be about 3­­–4 pages long, double-spaced and using 12-pt Times New Roman or Cambria. *I’m lenient about the word limit. This means that shorter essays with a strong, well-supported argument will not necessarily receive point deduction.*
  3. Have a clear argument/thesis statement in the introduction.
  4. Have a clear topic sentence in the beginning of body paragraphs.
  5. Have coherent body paragraphs that focus on analyzing either one example or one theme.
  6. Provide enough visual and historical evidence to support your argument.
  7. Have a concise conclusion.
  8. Be clearly written, polished, and free of excessive typos or grammatical errors.
  9. Use one citation system, should you decide to cite external sources. If you’re just citing/quoting my lectures or PowerPoints, there’s no need to use a citation system.

The following guidelines interpret the grades [but please see the professor with any questions]:

A = the work is above and beyond expectations, truly exceptional

B = the work is about what is expected from someone who did everything assigned

C = the work is the minimum to meet requirements

D = the work does not meet the requirements in some significant way

F = the work does not meet the requirements in any way

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