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I am applying for a fellowship and they asked me to write a personal essay and discuss the reasons why I you should receive a fellowship. The essay should be reflective and show your connection to your field of graduate study.

My undergraduate degree in Childhood studies

And i am doing my grad degree in Special aid

My research is focusing on working with kids with autism, using robotics to see if they are going to show any progressing.

My GPA is 4 out of 4

DOCTORALEducational Admin & Supervision

Curriculum and Instruction
Early Childhood
Educational Media
Special Education
Gifted Education


Sample Application Essay


Fellowship Application

I have always had a soft spot for children. There is thus not a more negative experience for me than to see the happiness of children inhibited by physical and mental disabilities. It is due to this and my desire to help such kids that I pursued an undergraduate degree in Childhood Studies. Having completed my undergraduate degree, I am now pursuing a Master of Science in Education (M.Ed.) in Special Education. As part of my Master program, I am conducting research that focuses on how to work with kids with autism and how robotics can be used to try and improve their lives.

On completion of my undergraduate degree at King Abdulaziz University, I worked as a teacher at the Second Security Forces Primary. This assignment enabled me to improve my skills in evaluating children’s performance, social development, physical health and behavior. I was also able to acquire practical knowledge on the preparation of materials, facilities and outdoor spaces to facilitate creative play and safety in motor-skill activities. Additionally, I have volunteered for duties at the Help Center and have experience as a Featured Presenter at the Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education in 2017. I believe that these experiences have contributed and highlighted my knowledge and passion for improving the lives of children I work with.

After completing my Master program, I hope to use my skills and knowledge to help children with various disabilities both within the country and around the world. In the course of my personal and professional engagements, I have come to appreciate the role of technology in fighting various forms of disabilities. This is why I chose to research on robotics as a means of perpetuating the development of children with autism. However, I am aware of the expensive nature of this assignment, ranging from research to the application of robotics in the field. Therefore, I hope that you consider this and offer me your invaluable financial help in my commitment to make the lives of thousands of children better.

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