Answering Questions in Short Essay Form

1. Write 400 words for the following:

Using the Johari window model of the four selves, in a multi-paragraph essay self-assess your
own level of self-awareness and then suggest ways by which you could increase your open self
and reduce your blind and unknown self, then without being specific, justify the type of
information you prefer to keep hidden. Have an introduction, body, and a conclusion to your
essay, then to the degree you can with your computer, include a shell of a Johari window, most
likely through creating a text box (or however your computer will allow you to create a four quadrant Johari window) representative of your self-awareness with those you know, labeling the
four quadrants by name [I’m not asking you to specifically discuss the information that might be
found in these quadrants; just reflect the size of the four windows generalizing what you disclose
of yourself to those you regularly relate to interpersonally])

2. limit your word length to a single healthy paragraph for the following

Discuss how the essential elements of interpersonal communication (source/receiver,
messages, feedback, feedforward, channel, noise, context, competence, ethics) create
what we experience as transactional communication.
Discuss how different types of “noise” (physical, physiological, psychological, semantic) can interfere with a receiver comprehending a message.
Explain the stages/process of perception (sensing, organizing, interpreting-evaluating,
storing in memory, retrieving when needed).

Explain the five psychological processes that influence perceptions (primacy and
recency, self-fulfilling prophecy, personality theory, consistency, and attribution) and
what barriers to accurate perception can result.

Define “active listening” and discuss both its importance and the techniques involved.
Consider illustrating your discussion by narrating a scenario where active listening is
appropriately and successfully utilized.

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