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The uploaded doc. explains what the assignment is about. All READINGS in the link below are VERY IMPORTANT to complete this assignment and they must be used as the primary source of citations. (all readings are found here)

If you use secondary sources, all sources must be taken from Scholarly Articles. No sources from Wikipedia must be used.

Please avoid verbatim and plagiarism and please cite any source you use even if you do not quote from it directly.

General instructions: 

The short-answer test will be evaluated on both form and content. Your answers must be written in essay form: point form does not meet the requirements of this assignment. Proofread your answers carefully before you submit them to avoid errors of spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar. State your ideas clearly and concisely, develop your arguments logically, and use relevant examples to illustrate the points you make. You should ensure that you properly cite all sources that you quote directly or indirectly in this assignment.

The short-answer exercise provides an opportunity for you to assess both how well you have learned the content of units 1 to 3 and whether your prose writing and organizational skills meet the requirements of this course. You can improve your grade by showing that you have approached the material critically. That is, you should demonstrate that you have thought about what you have read and are able to go beyond describing it to offer your own assessments about the concepts, theories, and approaches presented in the course material and their relative strengths and limitations. Defend your view methodically using evidence, argument, and documentation. It is important that you know the material thoroughly before completing this assignment.


Choose two questions from the following list, and write a short essay on each. Each answer should be approximately 600 words in length (2 to 3 double-spaced pages, not including cover and reference pages).



  1. What is meant by the backlash against feminism? Has your understanding of feminism changed the way you describe yourself as a result of your engagement with the course materials? If so, how? If not, why not?
  2. Describe the various waves of feminism in Canada. Analyze these waves as both ideological constructs and as social movements.
  3. Why is it important to look at the issue of women’s representation in politics? Are all women being represented in Canada? If not, who is being left out?
  4. Did the Royal Commission on the Status of Women to Canada begin, end, or continue a wave in the women’s movement?
  5. What role does a political party play in ensuring women get elected? What political party has been the most successful? What party has enjoyed less success?
  6. Imagine that you are a woman planning to run for elected office. Where in Canada would you choose to run, at which level of government would you be most likely to succeed, and which party would best represent your political views and objectives?

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