Animal Handling & Welfare Homework Assignment

Assignment Directions:
Please submit responses to the following into a word document. You will independently research the same two species that you selected for the Module 6 Homework Assignment. Note that for this assignment you must find science and research-based references (i.e. not opinion pieces but something with evidence to support the information). If you need assistance with references please reach out to one of us! You may NOT use Wikipedia as a reference, as information on this page is provided by various unnamed sources and can be changed by the general public.

Please organize material so that you talk about all behavioral characteristics of “Species 1” and then all behavioral characteristics of “Species 2”.

For each species (one domestic and one non-domestic), include:
Quick review of your chosen species name and natural habitat / typical housing for the species
Discussion of the following as it relates to each species:
Explore animal handling techniques. You should research the typical methods of moving and restraining the animal, and explain why these methods fit for each individual species given the species’ natural behaviors. You should explain your rationale such that a community member not in this class would understand what you are presenting. If information regarding the species you’ve chosen, extrapolate from closely related species. If doing so, explain why you chose the particular closely related species.
Reflecting on species specific behavior, provide management recommendations for housing, enrichment, space (considering quality/quantity), social groups, diet and diet presentation for your chosen species. From an animal welfare perspective, explain the rationale for your choices such that a community member not in this class would understand the recommendation and why it matters. Specifically, you should think about expression of normal behaviors in regards to the individual characteristics and needs of each species as well as desired environments. For the non-domestic species, you should be thinking about welfare in a managed setting (i.e. captivity). It will be helpful to compare to life in the wild, and which components you believe would be most critical to address in managed care.
Include a summary table with side by side comparisons of your recommendations for both handling and welfare.
Include all references that you used to gather information for this assignment. Remember that they need to be science and research based (not opinion articles or Wikipedia). We expect that you will use a minimum of four resources for the total assignment. References should be formatted professionally, but no specific style is required.
To conclude, your document will contain:

Your research findings on “Species 1”
Your research findings on “Species 2”
A summary table comparing your two species
Minimum of 4 science and research based references
Animal Handling and Welfare
Animal Handling and Welfare
Criteria Ratings Pts
Species Background information included
/ 3 pts
Domestic species moving / restraint techniques
/ 6 pts
Non-domesticated species moving / restraint techniques
/ 6 pts
Management recommendations domestic species
/ 6 pts
Management recommendations non-domesticated species
/ 6 pts
Summary table
/ 5 pts
/ 8 pts

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