Analyze Personnel Recruitment and Selection

Processes: A Research Journey

Present the information from the journal in a coherent discussion with a mind map that demonstrates the connections/links between the concepts from Weeks 1-7. Right through the course, you have been presented with the scholarly aspects of selection and recruitment both in the assignment and in the journal entries. These scholarly aspects have also been married up with the personal opinions and ideas in the journal entries. Here you will bring it all together by citing themes that have been discussed in the previous assignments that are directly or indirectly linked to personnel selection and recruitment. There are seven activities found in the Course overview. Each one is a theme that will link up to the mind map. Your mind map will provide a thematic visual display of the information taken from the academic and journal entries.

Each theme will then be discussed after the mind map presentation. This thematic information should be used as headings for your assignment. Using the text and relevant research, you will address those headings with an essay that provides the reader with a brief history lesson of what you have learned about the theme, what you now know about it, and what you think are the next steps in personnel selection and recruitment research. Your paper must include an introduction, a narrative subdivided by topic and subtopic [or theme and subtheme] if necessary, and a conclusion.

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