Analytical essay about the films La Poeta del Ring, Frida, Roma and The Platform.

Spanish 210 Essay #1 prompt

  1. Rough-Draft: You must submit an electronic copy of your rough draft in the rough draft assignment folder in d2l.
  2. Your rough draft must have a minimum of 3 full pages.
  3. Your final draft: must have 4 to 5 pages plus a bibliography page.
  4. Your final draft bibliography: must have 3 to 4 sources from our class lectures.

Essay Prompt #1

  1. For Essay #1 you are to write an analytical essay. You are to choose the films La Poeta del Ring, Frida, Roma and The Platform.
  2. Compare and contrast, three of the four films, using the theories of Adrienne Rich and Virginia Wolf (Politics of Location), Laura Mulvey (Unmasking the gaze) and/or V. Zizek on Violence.
  3. Hint: you are to find examples of these theories in 3 of the 4 films and discuss/argue/compare/and contrast your findings.

You should follow the following essay format.

Paragraph #1: Introduction

Thesis brief, clear and to the point. Your thesis should be at the end of your 1st paragraph.

Sample Thesis: This essay will be an analysis of the role that woman play in Mexican culture in the films La Poeta del Ring, Frida and Roma using the theories of Adriennne Rich, The Politics of Location, Laura Mulvey, Unmasking the Gaze and Slavoj Zizek on violence; 


Paragraph #2: Definitions

Here you must define the theory you are using in your analysis. You must use information learned in class to define it. Please, do not use the dictionary, Wikipedia, encyclopedia nor any online source with a dot com (.com) extension. (In other words, you are to define the following theories in your second paragraph)

  1. Violence, you must define violence according to Zizek, explained in class.
  2. Adrienne Rich and Virginias Wolf, the politics of location, explained in class.
  3. Laura Mulvey, Unmasking the gaze.

Paragraph #3, #4 & subsequent paragraphs: Should be the analysis of your examples.

Last Paragraph: Conclusion

5th page- Bibliography




  • Make sure you follow MLA in writing your name, your professor’s name, class and date.
  • Last name and page number as per MLA (top right-hand corner)
  • Your title should be a long tile, not a one, two, three or a four-word title.
  • You should have an introduction to your chosen subject as your first paragraph.
  • Your thesis should be underlined and at the end of the first paragraph.
  • Your second paragraph should be a paragraph where you define the theory you are using.
  • The rest of your body paragraphs should be about finding examples and analyzing them.
  • Your last paragraph should be your conclusion.
  • You must have 4 to 5 pages in your essay and a 6th page with your bibliography.
  • Your essay must have at least 4 citations/quotes from the articles read in class or lecture notes. Cited properly as per MLA.
  • No late essays will be accepted.

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