Analysis of Operation Anaconda Through the Seven Principles of Mission Command

Use APA 7 Writing Style. Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced, standard 1 inch margins, page headers (with running header per APA 7 standards) and page numbers as prescribed to APA 7. Ensure to provide atleast three references for the references page cited correctly.

Analyze and evaluate the major points of attachment “Operation_Anaconda_Case_Study.pdf” for research to write an original analytical essay in a persuasive manner using the Principles of Mission Command as described in attachment “ADP_6-0_Mission_Command_of_Army_Forces.pdf” to appraise Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan using the Principles of Mission Command.

Use your time to develop a deep understanding of the topic to fully explain your stance on the topic using what is provided in attachments. You are required to give an in depth introduction of the topic. Provide transitional sentences from one topic to the next through the essay.

Develop the body of the paper fully using no less than 3 full pages and no more than 5 pages, this does not include the APA format title and references page. Finally, provide a summative conclusion.

Using the following as guidelines:
Strong introduction of topic clearly delineates subtopics to be reviewed. Introduction fully supports thesis statement.
Topic body solidly introduced all aspects of the topic preparedness. Fully linked the topic to the overarching theme. The body meets 3-5 pages requirement.
Sequencing and transition shows strong organization and integration of material within subtopics. Strong transitions linking subtopics and main topic.
The paper is free of grammatical errors and spelling & punctuation.
Readability in writing flows and sentence structure is easy to follow.
No errors in APA style. Possesses a Scholarly style with more than 2 references cited correctly.

Note: Some principles of mission command may overlap so organizing of what you can together is acceptable but give focus on unique parts as you can.

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