An Examination of Late-Registering Students’ Success in Online and On-Campus Classes

The goal in this assignment is to provide a thoughtful and constructive response, identifying and balancing the strengths and limitations.
Answer these questions
1] What is the purpose of the study/or is the purpose of the study stated? Can you briefly describe the goals of the study and the background research that led the authors to pursue this particular study?
2] Describe the sample/population of this study. How was the sample selected? Are there strengths regarding the composition of the sample? What are they? What are the concerns you have about the quality of the sample?
3]What is the method of analysis? Examples: correlation, regression, ANOVA, etc. Do you support the authors’ use of this method, or do you have concerns regarding their approach? What are the specific justifications for your decision?
4]What are the main findings of the study?
5] In your opinion, what are the limitations of the study and how would you suggest overcoming them? Are there additional limitations you would place on these findings? If so, describe them.
6]What are the strengths of the study that you feel you have learned and could use in your own research in the future?
7] Also, what might you suggest these researchers do if they were to replicate this study?
8. Regarding the narratives, tables, figures, and/or charts provided in the article, do you think these different pieces of information were well-connected, well-presented, wellorganized, and properly formatted so that they supplemented each other to facilitate a better understanding of the study?

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