Aj 500, discussion

Identify the seven most common patterns of ethical failures occurring across the criminal justice system. What future challenges do you predict for criminal justice and what are some ways these challenges can be avoided or rectified [if there is no way to avoid them]? You are expected to participate in class activities through the Discussion Board. Students must do the following [1] Post your answer/response to the question/discussion[s] presented each week in a manner outlined below; [2] respond to question[s] posted by the instructor under your answer; [3] respond to comments/questions posted by other students; [4] introduce interesting new materials such as articles, news, and cases to the class [instructor and students]; and [5] cite your sources –personal experience is anecdotal only.

If you have a story that relates to the topic, include it, and find legitimate sources to support your experience. Using someone else’s work in your assignment without appropriate acknowledgment.

  • Using your own previous work without express permission from the instructor [permission will not be granted as I require all work to be original].
  • Making slight variations in the language and then failing to give credit to the source [not to be confused with paraphrasing – paraphrasing is the rewording of an entire concept into your own words, usually used in conjunction with ties to the thesis topic. Using the synonym feature in Word for every other word is plagiarism, not paraphrasing, and will receive a zero]. Do not write the assignment in first person.


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