Each student will research, analyze, and compare one American and one non-American designer or one European designer and one non-European designer. The 8-10 page typewritten paper (not less than 8 pages), double-spaced, 12 point font, APA format for documentation should be written in your own words, on the two designers that are selected. In your report the following areas need to be covered:
A. Background of each designer, education, age, and how he/she got into the business.
B. The market segment(s) that each designer targets. Discuss the demographics of the designer’s customer (age, income, education, occupation, social class, cultural background, etc.). Discuss the psychographics (attitudes, interests, opinions, lifestyle, personality) of the target market. When discussing psychographics, indicate the VALS (Values and Lifestyles) category the market segment(s) would likely fit in and why (see Chapter 3).
C. Description of the styles/looks for which each designer is known for. Include pictures and/or sketches at the end of the project. Describe the fabrics the designers use in their garments that are sold to the consumer.
D. Where is the merchandise produced (countries)? Why were these countries chosen? Discuss the fashion designer’s sourcing philosophy. Sourcing determines the most cost efficient vendors for purchasing materials, production, or finished goods at a specified quality and service level. Sourcing is the worldwide search for the best available fabrics, trim or garment production at the best price.
E. Discuss how each designer promotes the merchandise that he/she manufactures. Research the various media used for this purpose (for example: magazine advertising, television ads, billboards, social media)
F. How and where is the merchandise sold? For example, online, brick and mortar stores, etc. Discuss the stores and why you feel the designers have chosen to make their merchandise available in these stores.
G. Explanation what makes each designer an important designer and why. Include your personal viewpoint and evaluation of the designer’s work.
H. Compare the similarities and differences for each designer. Please think this through carefully.
Also to be included:- Headings between each of the above eight sections.- Two or more examples of the designers’ apparel design/work – include photos or sketches.- A photograph of each designer. Please note that examples of the designers’ work and photograph of the designers are in addition to the 8-10 page paper (reminder that your written work should not be less than 8 pages). The APA format for documentation should be carefully followed, including in-text citations and a Reference page at the end of the project.

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