Action Planning for Sustainable Change


Health in Action: Planning for Sustainable Change 2200 words
Assessment Task:
• Discuss on the issue of Alcohol and drug Abuse in Melbourne , issue to research from the list of ‘20 things that threaten Melbourne’s liveability’ things-that-threaten- melbournes-liveability-20150604-ghh4cj.html.
• Demonstrate the nexus between Health, Planning and Sustainability in urban environment context, by providing an analysis or appraisal of how the issue impacts the health of people and environments and developing some evidence-based solutions to make urban environments more healthy and sustainable
• Discuss issues and concepts relevant to health, planning and sustainability.
• Appraise the liveability of urban environments and plan for healthy and sustainable settings in a globalized world.
Task to complete:
• develop a Multimedia Resource (e.g. a website, blog) that is presented in a professional format such that it could be used to inform the City of Melbourne’s Resilient Melbourne Strategy as an information source for the health, planning and sustainability sectors.
Drawing on at least 8 sources of credible evidence
1. Define the alcohol and drug abuse issue and its relevance to the health, planning and sustainability sectors. To address this requirement, your should consider this from a local (i.e. Melbourne/Australian)
perspective as well as a global perspective.
2. Analyze ways (minimum of three) that individuals and the environment are affected by the selected issue. To address this requirement, your
group should include data on the significance of the selected issue for the health of Melbournians and the liveability of Melbourne.
3. Develop evidence-based solutions (minimum of three) to manage the effects of the issue and make urban environments more healthy and sustainable. To address this requirement, please consider what can be done to manage the issue and make Melbourne more liveable by drawing on actions/initiatives that have been suggested/implemented in Australia and/or overseas and providing novel solutions.



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