According to which options you chose

For first paper you will receive full credit if handed in on time. You will receive feedback on style, content and grammar as guidelines for how grading will work and things to work on for all further writing assignments.

Please submit a 2 page, double spaced (Times New Roman size 12 font) response paper responding to one of the response options listed below. If you have any questions about this prompt or the parameters of this assignment, feel free to email me at !

1. Response paper 1: Middlesex (Middlesex: must site or relate this book when writing)

Please respond to one of the following questions:

– How has sex played a role in Desdemona’s development?

– How do you think things would have changed if Cal were to have been raised as a boy?

– What role did consanguinity play in the psychological development of Desdemona or the genetic development of Cal?

– From each generation there is a symbol of sexual energy, i.e. Desdemona’s hair, the Sax…what symbolized sex (or heralded sexual energy) in Cal’s generation?

– How do you imagine Cal’s disclosure impacted his brother’s development?

-What would you say is Cal’s sexual orientation?

I have outlined below things you should consider as well as expectations and tips for the upcoming assignments:

Content – (60%)

Does your essay answer the essay prompt completely?

Essay Structure and Style – (40%)

Does your essay include an intro (including a thesis statement), body, and conclusion (i.e., a brief summary and closing statement)?

Does your essay progress logically and/or chronologically (where appropriate) – i.e., does one paragraph intuitively flow into the next?

Does each paragraph support your argument made by the thesis with primary source material (rather than just describing the book’s plot)?

Is your essay appropriately formal – i.e., do you avoid profanities, contractions, 1st-person POV (unless appropriate based on the essay question), etc.

Only use direct quotes when

The meaning of the original statement will be lost if you reword it.

The original statement uses especially strong or vivid language.

You are quoting an original term or phrase.

Spelling, Grammar/Syntax, Readability –

Are words spelled correctly?

Is the grammar/syntax correct to allow for ease of reading?

Is the tense consistent?
Format –

Heading – including name(Yoki Chan), professor name(Adriana Rego), class/assignment(Sex Matters: Identity, Behavior and Development), date(Feb 16)

Page number

Font size 11/12

Times New Roman

1” margins

Appropriate page length (not shorter or longer)

References/In-text citations –

Have you included in-text citations where necessary?

Paraphrasing/summarizing – i.e., any time the ideas you include in your essay are not yours and are not common knowledge. For an assignment in which the entirety of the essay is about a particular book and you are using aspects of the storyline to support your essay response but not quoting, you can just provide a single reference at the end of your paper. APA in-text citation style uses the author’s last name and the year of publication, i.e. (Author, Year).

Direct quotes – For direct quotations, include the page number as well, e.g.: (Author, Year, p. #)

Have you included a reference list at the end of your essay?

Middlesex: must site or relate this book when writing
The additional materials are class slides

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