Academic Workload

It’s a research manuscript that is already partially written.
What is needed is in blue text throughout the draft document titled: Study 1 – Academic Workload [DRAFT] . Please write in this document.
There is also another document attached that is called: Study 1 – Academic Workload [OUTLINE]. This document includes further instruction that must be followed in the paper.
I attached a grading rubric the professor will use to grade the paper.
I have also attached the research article that is referenced. There is only one research article included and it is okay to only use that one article.
The professor cares more for quality of writing than the quantity of it.
Don’t worry too much about format for things like the title page and all that, but please use APA 7 format in text (such as in-text citation).
The abstract cannot exceed 400 words
I included the statistical output that was completed just in case you need it.

In the methods section:
The students used a check list on excel to track time doing school related work (I attached check list so that you can see) and then the excel file was submitted to black board. The data from all the students who submitted was then collected and compiled into a single excel file.
The survey was completed on blackboard.
The statistical software used was JASP.

What is one section in methods cannot be repeated in another.
Please reach out if anything is unclear or you have any questions!

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