100 Superb Sociology Research Topics for Your Essay in 2022

No student ever wants to submit a substandard research paper. Everyone wants to submit a quality essay that guarantees him/her an A-grade. How you approach and write your essay plays an important role in getting a good grade. Nonetheless, few people understand the essence of having an excellent and relevant research topic.

Sociology students often wonder:

  • How do I write an excellent sociology essay?
  • What are some of the best sociology topics for a research paper?
  • How do I choose a topic for my sociology term paper?

Choosing a perfect research topic in sociology is an important step in delivering a quality essay paper. However, if you do not know how to pick a topic that is specific and currently relevant in the field, you may end up failing even before your instructor reads through the paper. After all, who wants to read an essay paper in a topic that won’t add value to them?

To choose a perfect sociology research paper topic, you have to understand key sociological issues affecting people – and you have to be very precise about it. Sociological topics are those that seek to explore the development, structure, and function of human society including personal relationships, social institutions and how these interact.

Since sociology entails numerous subfield, such as race, family, ethnicity, terrorism, social media, gender and culture, you can choose a topic related to one or more of these categories. The following are examples of excellent research topics that you can be guaranteed will remain to be of interest to sociologists for some time.

Deviant Behavior

  1. Theoretical explanation of deviant behavior
  2. Factors that result in social norms
  3. Deviant behavior and crime
  4. Deviant behavior among the teens
  5. Effects of deviant behavior in the workplace
  6. Ineffectiveness of punishment in preventing and ending deviant behavior
  7. Deviant behavior in virtual reality
  8. Theories on deviant behavior
  9. Deviant behavior and free will
  10. Deviant sexuality

Terrorism and War

  1. Effects of terrorism on children development
  2. Social control and terrorism
  3. The military factor in social change
  4. Religious terrorism in the US
  5. Theories on war and terrorism
  6. Nature of social bonding and solidarity during war
  7. Effects of the ideology of nationhood on racial identities of members
  8. Effects of war songs during world war II
  9. Representation of post-war culture of Japan in movies
  10. Effect of terrorism on the Muslim culture

Social Movement

  1. Effects of Ku Klux Klan on racism and violence in the US
  2. Effects of femvertising on women empowerment
  3. Comparison and contrast of radical and liberal feminism
  4. Free Love movement effects on polygamous perspectives
  5. Effects of Slow Movement
  6. Effects of civil rights movement on African Americans
  7. Effects on Queer and Questioning on sexuality
  8. Definition of family in the rise if LGBTQ
  9. Growth and implication of anti-vaccination movement
  10. Evolution of gay rights

Social Media and Virtual Reality

  1. Addition to social media
  2. Nature of relationships in social media
  3. Dating and courtship in the era of digital technology
  4. Effects of social media on nationality
  5. Challenges in online communication
  6. Effect of digital technology on social interaction and communication
  7. Effects of social media on children
  8. Effect of digital technology on personality development
  9. Effects of social media on family
  10. Influence of digital technology on education
  11. Bullying in social media
  12. Effects of social media on self-esteem, image and identity
  13. Effects of social media on suicidal thoughts


  1. Importance of food education
  2. Interconnection between food and homelessness
  3. Causes of child obesity
  4. Relationship between meat consumption and environment degradation
  5. Animal rights
  6. Effects of technology on eating habits in the US
  7. Connection between national identity and food traditions
  8. Effect of culture on food eating habit
  9. Healthy: A comparison of urban and rural areas
  10. Influence of food on personal identity

Sexuality and Gender

  1. Effects of advertisement on gender stereotyping
  2. Gender roles in family
  3. Evolution of gender roles in the US
  4. History of women rights in the US
  5. Women education and empowerment in Asian countries
  6. Are there gender roles in gay families?
  7. Gender inequality in business leadership
  8. Gender aspects of unemployment
  9. Influence of media on transgender identity
  10. The rise of feminist men?
  11. Gender inequality in the US
  12. Relationship between gender and sex on social norms and values
  13. Effect of eating disorders on womanhood
  14. Relationship between sexual abuse and eating disorders
  15. Masculinity and sexual harassment in the digital era


  1. Determiners of quality parent-child time
  2. Role of family in shaping children’s lives
  3. Immigrant families in the US
  4. Changes in attitude of same-sex marriages
  5. Should gay parents be allowed to adopt a child of a different gender?
  6. Effects of single parenting on children
  7. Effect of domestic violence on a child’s career achievement
  8. Effects of divorce on children
  9. Do children with disabilities affect families?
  10. Role of extended family in children upbringing
  11. Evolutions of birth control among Muslims
  12. Advantages and disadvantages of having children
  13. Effect of nannies on child growth and development
  14. Effect of cross-racial adoption on children
  15. Definition of family in the modern society
  16. Effect of capitalism on family relationships
  17. Effect of social media on families
  18. Relationship between families and eating disorders
  19. Academic performance variation among low and middle class families
  20. Are children better off with heterosexual parents that with same-sex parents?


  1. Correlation between education level and race in the US
  2. Effect of racial stereotypes on self esteem
  3. Can a white or black play a historical character of black and white respectively?
  4. Racial discrimination by the policing system
  5. Are people racists by default?
  6. Why skin color matters?
  7. Should the society be color-blind?
  8. Current trends of racism in the US
  9. Racial segregation in London
  10. Black’s perception about whites
  11. Interracial marriages: Then and now
  12. Relationship between race and conflict in the society

There are too many areas you can explore in your research paper. The above 100 sociology research paper topics are more than enough to meet the requirement of your pickiest instructor. While you don’t may not necessarily work on any of the topics as it is, you can tweak it to your preference or liking. You can also combine two or more of these topics to generate one that is more congruent with your course work materials.

Also, there are too many other sociological areas you can review to develop an excellent research paper topic.

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